Thursday, October 30, 2014

Did Jian Ghomeshi's "Q" Radio Show Appeal to the Young and Hip?

Not so much, really. According to an article in the Financial Post,
Contrary to popular belief, Q isn't attracting a younger audience to public radio, at least not in the U.S. ...more than half of Q's audience on Public Radio International is older than 55, a figure that's comparable with public radio audiences in general.
That said, in light of the latest revelations, I think Ghomeshi's P.R. strategy--claim it was all consensual and nothing more than good dirty fun--is all wrong. If he still wants to have a career, he should admit he has some issues (engendered his own feelings of worthlessness and because he was treated like an outsider during his teenage years because he was born in Iran; you can read about it here) and check himself into a rehab program for sexual addiction and anger management. Some time after that, sufficiently contrite (or at least pretending to be), he can come back and pick up where he left off.

Isn't that how it's done in the U.S.?

New Word Du Jour: "Islamysteria"

Which kind of makes it sound like Islam is mysterious instead of what it's supposed to mean, i.e. that the infidels (specifically the ones in Australia) are rather freaked out by all the beheadings and other incidents of pro-active jihad.

Shouldn't it be "Islamhysteria?" For the sake of clarity, why drop the "h"?

The Fallout From "Chickenshitgate"

Can't we call it "Chickenshitaquiddick"?


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coo Coo Ca Choo!

Former conservative Jonathan Kay, who helped whip wee Justin Trudeau's memoirs into shape, is taking over as the editor of egregiously smug leftist rag, The Walrus.

May 2014

November 2013

September 2013

May 2012

I think this selection of covers provides insight into The Walrus's big picture.

Update: Jon Kay sings:

I am me as you can see 'cuz you aren't me
As now I reposition.
See me in flight from my time on the right,

Watch how I soar:
I'm flying.

Sitting at the Ceeb now waitin' for my cheques to come.
Freelanced Justin's memoirs,

(Stupid bloody Ezra.
Man you been a haughty boy. You let your mouth run off.)
I was the NatPo, I was the NatPo.
I'm at The Walrus,

Coo coo ca choo!...

Well, Duh!

"Democracy is for infidels." (Hat tip: MH)

The "Chickenshit" Hits the Fan

U.S. officials and Jewish Democrats are rushing en masse to try to distance themselves from that "Bibi-is-a-chickenshit" comment.

Jewish Democrats and Obama factotums
have chickenshit for brains

It's For the Chillllddddrrrennnn!

Malala Youknowwho is donating $50,000 to rebuild UN(RWA) schools in Gaza.

Or, to put it another way: Nobel Peace Prize winner succumbs to pressure from twittering idjits and blows her money to assist Hamas to blow up Jews.

I had expected better of Malala, but I guess I shouldn't have.

What's the Best Way to Get an Uppity Infidel Who Has the Effrontery to Speak Some Unpleasant Truths About Islam to Shut the Hell Up?

Step one: mount your high steed. Step two: summon up your highest dudgeon. Step three: frame your desire to punish the sassy one's blasphemy as being a matter of "free speech, not hate speech."

Step four: enjoy the resounding silence as your semi-disguised sharia carries the day.

Why Do Lefties Dismiss/Discount/Downplay the Jihad?

Long story short: It's because of Leftist guilt/masochism/useful idiocy:
Liberals cannot understand so much hate against us. So liberals sympathize. Liberals help find the answer. They join in. To justify the hate. 
By hating ourselves.
One more reason: they're narcissists who have to be seen to be sympathizing with the "less fortunate" so that everyone will view them as paragons of virtue, an amalgam of, say, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama (or maybe Oprah and Deepak Chopra).

When in fact they're huge narcissists with an ego the size of the Islamic State.

I Prefer to Think of Them as "Pro-Active Jihadis"

Are "lone wolf" terrorists just criminals?

Word to the Wise: Don't Buy Bargain Basement Soviet-Era Rocket Engines

Sure, you'll save a few bucks up front, but you could see your investment flame out in a spectacular way.