Friday, February 12, 2016

We're All Goin' On a Winter Holiday...

FYI, I'm signing off for the loooong weekend. Barring the unforeseen, I'll be up and running again come Tuesday.

U.S. Spy Chief Clapper Sets the Record Straight: Iran Can Still Go Ahead and Make Some Nukes

There are "no insurmountable barriers" to said construction, he says, thereby parting company with Barack H. Obama and his Botox'd poodle.

Justin Trudeau and Ban Ki-Moon Take Their Bromance to an Ottawa High School

The kids went wild, of course, an enthusiasm that wasn't quelled when, during a Q&A, one of 'em managed to sound smarter than our "sunny" PM (not that that's hard to do):
Adam Gutai, a Grade 12 student who asked about the environment, said Trudeau’s answer was good, but he would have liked more detail. 
“There were some finer details I would have liked him to clarify on … exactly how one transfers an economy that’s based on fossil fuels to renewable energies,” he said. "But overall, he knows a lot about the subject, so I appreciate the answer."
The devil, as they say, is in the finer details--but why go and stink up the joint with the whiff of sulfur when love, sweet love is in the air?:
The secretary-general was effusive in his praise of Trudeau, who has pledged that Canada will re-engage at the UN. 
“He has a vision. Canada has a greater and better future under his leadership,” Ban told the crowd.
OMG, just get a room, you two.

The look of love is in his eyes...

In Latest Dem Debate, "Single Issue Candidate" Hillary Slams Bernie For Being "A Single Issue Candidate"

The fanboys of NBC claim Clinton--whose single issue is putting her and her dessicated spouse back into the Oval Office--was able to douse Bernie's "perceived passion with a cool dose of realism." But from the sounds of it, what she really did was try to out-Bernie Bernie:
Instead of taking swings at her opponent as she has in previous debates, Clinton made it clear she agrees with Sanders' progressive principles. She let him throw the punches while she subtly undermined his competence and readiness to enact those principles. 
Clinton began the night by saying she wants to "knock down all the barriers that are holding Americans back," not just the economic ones Sanders emphasizes. And she ended the evening with a devastating new line: "I am not a single issue candidate and I do not believe we live in a single issue country."
Tell me how that line is "devastating" and we'll both know.

An Unfortunate Facet of "Islamic Culture" That's Been Imported Into the West: Sacralized Rape

As Raymond Ibrahim explains, men in such cultures are taught by their clerics that raping infidel chicks, even very young ones, is not only permitted, it's required.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Today's Limerick

Ban Ki-moon is a man on a mission.
He is seeking our nation's contrition.
Says, "We miss you, you know,
And UNRWA needs dough,
So assume, please, a supine position."

"The demonstrators chanted traditional slogans against the U.S. and Israel, and the streets in many cities were decorated with anti-U.S. and anti-Israeli banners and posters"

Must be time to celebrate yet another anniversary of the 1979 "revolution" which empowered the krazy Khomeinists.

Fun times!

Update: Iranians take missile selfies, deride US to mark revolution

Iranians take pictures of the Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite rocket during celebrations in Tehran to mark the 37th anniversary of the Islamic revolution on February 11, 2016. (Atta Kenare/AFP)
Iranians take pictures of the Simorgh (Phoenix) satellite rocket
during celebrations in Tehran to mark the 37th anniversary of
the Islamic revolution on February 11, 2016. (Atta Kenare/AFP)


New Yorker Magazine Declares: "The Fake Donald Trump Movie Isn't Funny Enough"

Funny enough? It isn't funny at all. It's as if all the Hollywood names involved in the project were so enthralled by the concept--a newly rediscovered (by director Ron Howard) but never aired Trump-produced TV flick from the 1980s--and by Johnny Depp's Trump l'oeil make up (he looks like a younger Trump who's had an unfortunate early encounter with excess Botox) that they didn't think they had to bother making it witty, funny or even moderately amusing.

Or maybe they were trying too hard to make it hilarious and it ended up falling flat.

Sorry, but that's an epic fail for you, Opie, Johnny et al.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ban Ki-Moon to Encourage Justin Trudeau to Return to the Bad Old Days of Funding UNRWA

Ban is planning to talk up climate change and Syrian refugees--along with UNRWA funding--when he (dis)graces us with his presence tomorrow:
His talks with Trudeau will also focus on renewing Canada's funding to the UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA that was frozen in 2013. 
 UNRWA has been hit by one of the biggest funding shortfalls of all UN agencies. 
The UN chief will encourage Canada to become a bigger contributor to UN peacekeeping and "come back to the way it used to be" during the days of former prime minister Lester Pearson, considered the architect of modern peacekeeping.
Ban, clever boots that he is, knows exactly which buttons to push--i.e. "Pearson" and "peacekeeping"--to get Sonny Boy Trudeau onside with the UN agenda. As anyone with even a lick of common sense knows, however, most of what the UN touches--UNRWA and "peacekeeping" included--turns into utter shite.

"I Did It For My Country"

The media have always downplayed Sirhan Sirhan's rationale for assassinating Robert Kennedy--he did it, he said, for the sake of "Palestine"--and continue to do so even now.

Daniel Greenfield's Must-Read Essay: The Traditionalist Rebel

Here's but a taste of  "Knish" to whet your appetite:
Leftist movements begin with rebellion and end with conformity. No Utopian movement can tolerate rebels for long because there is no room for dissent in paradise. An ideal society, the goal of leftist political movements, not only has no room for war, racism, greed and all the other evils the conformist paradises of the left hope to eliminate, it also has no room for disagreement.

The perfect society and its perfect ideology are also the perfect tyranny. Against this Utopian collectivism, which promises paradise and delivers a prison, is the traditionalist rebel who finds virtue in the acknowledgement of human flaws rather than in the unthinking pursuit of an unchanging perfection.

The traditionalist rebel is not seeking perfection, but humanity. He is a skeptical idealist who is interested in character rather than movements. He is above all else an individualist with an instinctive distrust of any movement that requires him to abandon his rights for the greater good...