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Jason Kenney's Wrongheadedness Re the Niqab

Jason Kenney, who should really know better, has this to say about the meaning of the niqab:
"I think it's completely wrong-headed to associate the niqab with Islam," Kenney said. 
"The niqab reflects a medieval tribal custom that reflects a misogynistic view of women."
Er, didn't Islam gets its start in medieval times among tribes on the Arabian subcontinent, and isn't a chick's lowly status enshrined in Islam's foundational texts as well as in the sharia, Islam's inherently misogynistic set of laws?

Also, as the Ceeb's Terry Milewski points out,
Kenney is correct that the vast majority of Muslim women, in Canada and worldwide, do not wear a veil and do not see it as a religious requirement. On the other hand, it just happens that those who wear it tend to be Muslims.
So it appears that, all things considered, the niqab does have something to do with Islam.

Sounds to me like Kenney is trying--and failing--to split hairs in the manner of those who insist on a distinction between "Islam" and "Islamism."

Lawyer Edney's Gitmo Gobbledygook

This one sounds like a must-miss (hat tip: MW):
Join us for a night with Dennis Edney to learn about one of the defining civil liberties cases of our generation on October 4th in room 2050 of the Social Science building in Western University. Dennis Edney is a defence lawyer and has represented Omar Khadr for over 11 years. He remains by the side of Omar Khadr until this day, unwavering in his dedication to truth and justice. He and his family have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to Omar Khadr's case, which is one of the defining cases of our life time. Omar Khadr now lives with Dennis and his wife in Edmonton
One of the defining civil liberties cases of our generation, you say?

Sorry, Dennis. Your client, a member of Canada's most infamous jihad-minded family, ain't no Rosa Parks.

The Canadian Election As Seen by Russian Gov't News Source Sputnik

Usually the Ruskies manage to ignore us Canucks, but the anti-Putin rhetoric of our three political party leaders seems to have tickled Sputnik's antenna:
Sputnik wrote a long piece looking at the three-way debate on Canada's foreign policy held on Sept. 29, where all three party leaders vowed to keep up the pressure on the Kremlin. 
"It doesn't seem that the icy relationship between the two northern neighbors will thaw any time soon, regardless of who wins the parliamentary elections next month," Sputnik's coverage of the debate concludes. 
The story picks up on the fact that when Justin Trudeau, leader of the centrist Liberal Party — and scion of former prime minister Pierre-Elliott Trudeau — answered a question about sitting face-to-face with the Russian president, the audience broke out in laughter...
The laughter erupted because everyone knew that young Justin facing off with Putin would look something like this.

Could ISIS Plant Its Black Flags In Europe?

You betcha. ISIS members have the will, the resources and all the time in the world to get the job done.

And what do we have to defend ourselves from the onslaught? Well, according to the above link, we shouldn't even consider putting our filthy infidel boots on the ground because,
As we saw in Iraq, putting boots on the ground in a Muslim country only incites people to join ISIS. We have to be involved in the intelligence game, use airpower and diplomacy to rally our sometimes-reluctant allies into doing more.
Intelligence; airpower; diplomacy: yeah, that should do it.

That and our "empathy" for fleeing "refugees" (only a small number of whom are likely to be hot for ISIS/jihad).

The Jewish version of this "empathy"/humanitarianism is known as "tikkun olam" (which in our time, as I've come to realize, is Hebrew for "sh*t for brains").

And since we're on the topic of Syrian refugees, it's a good thing Syria's Jews were rescued some years ago, because had they remained, by now they'd all be dead.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Displaying Its Flagrant Anti-Israel Bias, the NYT Accuses Israel of Taking Advantage of Syria's Weakened Condition

The headline reads: As Syria Reels, Israel Looks to Expand Settlement in Golan Heights.

Two things to say here. First, can you imagine the dire straits Israel would be in had the Golan remained in Syrian hands?

Second: It's a good thing Israel does control the high ground, because ISIS would love to take it off the Jews' hands--for good.

Toronto Newspaper Columnists Weigh In on the Niqab Controversy

The Toronto Sun's Farzana Hassan writes that allowing a chick to obscure her face during the citizenship ceremony,
...will establish an odious symbol of Islamism and its misogyny at a quintessentially Canadian event.
Don't say that to NatPo opiner Andrew Coyne, though. He thinks the controversy is "ridiculous" and says that those who object to the niqab do so because, silly them, they associate it with "terrorism":
People who wish to ban the niqab often see the issue as being of a piece with the issue of terrorism, and see the unwillingness of others to ban the niqab as being born of a more general blindness to the threat of Islamist terrorism. 
Actually, Andrew, I associate the niqab with sharia, and how Islamic law, a set of draconian strictures that are antithetical and inimical to Western precepts, locks chicks into a second class status. So whenever I see someone wearing the covering (and often those who do are also wearing one of those head-to-toe body shrouds), I don't think, "There goes a potential terrorist, or someone with terrorist connections." I think, "There goes someone who would not look out of place in, say, Riyadh or Kabul, places where women are compelled to wear clothing which speaks to their lowly status in society; societies which view them as being what they look like when they wear these garments, i.e. they are a blank, a nullity, a non-entity, a void."

But, hey, that's just me.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and the NDP's Tom Mulcair, for two, think chicks should be allowed to wear their sharia masks while reciting the oath of citizenship--if they want to, that is (as if these women really have a choice).

And Prime Minister Stephen Harper? While he continues to oppose niqab-wearing when taking the oath, his government bears responsibility for opening our doors to all these niqab-wearers, no questions asked, in the first place.

Which makes his objections largely symbolic and very much after the fact.

Update: Cairo University Bans Teachers From Wearing Face Veil

Guess Who Didn't Stick Around to Hear Bibi's UN Speech

It's these two (and shame on them for skipping it).


Update: You can't really blame 'em for the snub. They were only following their Bibi-loathing, Islam-loving boss's orders.        

Update: Claudia Rosett decodes the semiotics of the snub--it signals to the UN that it's "open season on Israel."

Thanks again, B. Hussein!             


Londonistan "Progressive" Jews Bursting With Joy Over Successful Efforts to Rescue Syrians

"Tikkun olam" strikes again (this time in Londonistan) as Jews scramble to "rescue" their enemies:
A London council has agreed to resettle Syrian refugees after a campaign led by a local rabbi. 
Rebecca Qassim Birk, rabbi at Finchley Progressive Synagogue, headed a Citizens UK effort to get Barnet Council to take in the refugees. 
Council leader Richard Cornelius announced that the local authority would accept 50 Syrians at a meeting at the synagogue on Sunday, attended by 200 people.  
He told the gathering: "Rabbi, the answer is yes," acknowledging that the campaign had pricked his conscience.   
The local Citizens UK group, made up of Rwandan, Syrian, Jewish and Catholic communities in Barnet, said it had organised homes and places at schools and GP surgeries for the refugees.
Rabbi Birk said: "We know it's not easy for a council to say yes, that's why we needed local people to show their support, find homes and offer a warm welcome." 
Norwich Liberal Jewish Community is planning a service in its Succah this Shabbat to call for the city council to follow Barnet's lead.  
Meanwhile, more than £445,000 has been raised by World Jewish Relief's appeal to help Syrian refugees since the beginning of September. 
Paul Anticoni, chief executive of the charity, said: "The Jewish community has risen as one to show that it can be counted upon to make a life-changing difference."...
Just what Londonistan needs: more Muslims.

Dear Jews: You can "rescue" 'em all you want. They're still going to hate you and your little Jewish state, too.

Al Gore "Leaps" Before He Looks

Swiping a page from anti-capitalism harpy, Naomi Klein, the thick, wet climate change alarmist "leaps" onto her wealth redistribution bandwagon.

More Evidence That Russia Is a Strong Horse and America Under Obama Is a Lame Pony

Andrew Stuttaford collects some salient quotations:
Osama bin Laden: “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.”  
Lord Palmerston: “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.”  
Now: BEIRUT – The Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) has asked Russia to support it in its fight against ISIS as well as the Al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front. YPG chief Sipan Hemo told Sputnik Türkiye—which is owned by Moscow—that his fighting force requested arms from Russia as well as general military coordination, according to a translation of the interview prepared by Turkey’s Anadolu news agency…
Update: Melanie Phillips writes:
Any lingering doubt about the lethal weakness of America and the West has been brutally shot down in the skies above Syria.

Russia’s President Putin sent in his warplanes ostensibly to bomb ISIS but actually, it seems, to bomb more moderate opponents of Syria’s President Assad, including CIA-trained rebels.

Putin thus well and truly rubbed President Obama’s nose in American impotence. The Russian leader is now making the immensely dangerous running in Syria. Blindsided America is reduced to scrabbling frantically in his slipstream.

Putin is ruthless and focused. Allying with Assad and the Iranian regime that pulls his strings, the Russian leader can pose – however preposterously – as the potential savior of the world from the Islamist specter that terrifies the West.

By contrast, America and Britain are wildly flailing around. Obama and Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron say both ISIS and Assad must be defeated. But although they are taking ineffectual military action against ISIS, they won’t attack Assad. 
Instead, Obama has been reduced to pleading with Putin to restrain Assad’s worst excesses...
A truly pathetic and embarrassing sight. (The Obama pony is not only weak, it's been gelded.)

Update: The Khomeinists know who the strong horse is:

It's Superputin! (God help us all.)

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