Friday, June 23, 2017

Iran's "Al Quds Day" Khomeinists Proudly Proclaim Their Desire to Wipe Israel Off the Map

Even their "moderate" president gets in on the eliminationist action (as reported by mullah mouthpiece, Press TV):
Millions of people have taken to the streets across Iran and other world countries to show their solidarity with the Palestinians and condemn Israel’s decades-long occupation and atrocities.  
The rallies are held to mark Quds Day, which falls on the last Friday of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. 
In Tehran and other cities and towns, people from all walks of life gathered for the annual event which usually marks people chanting slogans against Israel and burning the occupying regime's flags. 
The occasion is a legacy of the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini, followed by Muslims in other countries to support the Palestinian struggle against Israel. 
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani along with other senior Iranian officials took part in the Tehran rally. 
Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Rouhani said “the message of Quds Day is that of hatred towards the occupying and usurping regime as well as support for the oppressed nation” of Palestine.
He underlined the importance of this year’s Quds Day “given the presence of terrorists in the region, who are backed by Israel,” adding people are determined to cleanse the region of Tel Aviv-backed terrorists. 
The message of Quds Day is "kill those uppity Joooos!"

But you already knew that, right?

Update: Re tomorrow's eliminationist rally on the grounds of the Ontario legislature, James Pasternak, a Toronto city councilor (the only one with a discernable spine, apparently), issued the following press statement:
Councillor Pasternak once again calls for the Al Quds Day hate rally to be banned from Queen’s Park  
Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak, Ward 10, York Centre is extremely frustrated that the racist Al-Quds Day Rally is scheduled to be held at Queen’s Park despite the group not having a permit for the space. 
“It is truly shocking that this group is permitted to hold Anti-Israel rallies at Queen’s Park despite the repeated appeals by so many members of the Jewish community. It is disgraceful that a rally with speakers supporting the destruction of Israel, denying the Holocaust and making racial slurs is permitted to take place at the site of Ontario’s democratic legislature,” said Councillor Pasternak. 
Councillor Pasternak was deeply disturbed to learn that a keynote speaker at this year’s rally will be a virulent Holocaust denier. Past rallies have featured anti-Semitic remarks and speeches in support of terrorist organizations. Flags supporting Hamas, declared a terrorist organization by most western countries, have also been seen at the rally. 
“How many more anti-Semitic speeches spreading hatred and inciting violence will members of the Jewish community have to endure before the Province finally does something. It is time for this rally to be told it is not welcome at Queen’s Park or any place in Toronto,” said Councillor Pasternak.
Spot on, Councillor Pasternak!

"The Homogeneity of Multiculturalism Is a Complete Crashing Bore"

You can say that again, Mark.

France Prepared to Spend Big Bucks to Lure Skittish Tourists Back to Paris in Wake of Jihadi Terrorist Attacks

If the French think that putting a bullet proof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower is the way to do it, they are seriously out of their minds.

Hypocrisy In Action: "Progressive" Feminists Snub Muslim Women Who Speak Out Against the Oppressiveness, Unfairness of Sharia Law

Absolutely disgusting!

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard: "Unfortunately, You Cannot Disconnect This Type of Event--Terrorism--From Islam in General"

We're so used to people in a position of power being weak-kneed and mealy-mouthed on the topic of jihad that when someone musters the courage to speak the truth it is as thrilling as it is shocking.

Such is the case with the Quebec premier's statement.

To bolster Couillard's observation, here's Bruce Bawer unpacking the essential argument Ibn Warraq makes in his latest book:
No, as Warraq demonstrates, there's no way around it: Islamic terrorism is jihad. And jihad is a founding Islamic concept. The apologists, of course, have their own line on this one, too: under true Islam, they say, the word jihad denotes an inner spiritual process, and has nothing to do with violence; when terrorists use the word to describe their depredations, they're distorting the word and the faith. Warraq, citing a wide range of scholarly sources – both Western and Islamic, some recent and some dating back to the eighth century – puts that fulsome falsehood firmly in its place: yes, jihad can be used to mean an inner struggle, but in the Koran and Hadith, and in key texts ever since, it always refers, above all, to the sacred obligation to advance Islam by means of armed action against unbelievers. 
Warraq also gives us a sweeping – but succinct – lesson in the history of jihad, beginning with Muhammed's own conquests, then moving on to ninth- through eleventh-century Baghdad, seventeenth-century Constantinople, eighteenth-century Saudi Arabia, and so on, right up to today's Muslim Brotherhood. Of course the apologists (Barack Obama among them) would have us believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate and non-violent; Warraq establishes that throughout its existence, to the contrary, the Brotherhood has preached Holy War, period. Then there's the Nazis. Some apologists argue that Islam was just peachy until some of its leaders got chummy with Hitler and were infected by his love of violent world conquest and Jew-hatred; Warraq establishes that if Islamic higher-ups cozied up to the Nazis, it was because their totalitarian, exterminationist doctrines were already extremely similar. 
Warraq also introduces us to a 1979 book that has been called “the most influential treatise on why Jihad is necessary and how it must be fought.” Written by one Brigadier S. K. Malik, The Qur'anic Concept of War won the endorsement of no less a jihad enthusiast than the late Pakistani president Zia al-Haq. A brief sample: “The Quranic military strategy...enjoins us to prepare ourselves for war to the utmost in order to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies....[The Koran] gives us a distinctive concept of total war. It wants both the nation and the individual to be at war 'in toto,' that is, with all their spiritual moral and physical resources.” In addition to Malik's tome, Warraq reads (so we don't have to) several other vile works that have also inspired the suicide-vest set – a veritable library of holy hate. 
Warraq sums up his book's point as follows: “jihad is essential for the spread of Islam, and it is a duty incumbent on all Muslims until Islam covers the whole surface of the earth.” And what's essential for the West's survival is for us infidels to face up to the fact that nothing is more integral to Islam than that monstrous duty...

Fun for the Whole Family!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ramadan Jihad Comes to Wisconsin and Michigan

And, no, Ramadan Jihad is not the name of a terrorist (although it would make a damn fine one, don't you think?).

Update: Here's a fun drinking game--down an alcoholic bevvie every time the CBC appends the word "holy" to "the month of Ramadan."

On second thought, better not. It could land you in the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Hard to Believe: The Reason Why Otto Warmbier's Jewishness Was Kept Secret

Anyone else have a hard time swallowing this (my bolds)?:
The family of Otto Warmbier, the American college student who died on Monday, days after his release from 17 months of captivity in North Korea, was advised to keep his Jewish background and identity concealed while officials tried to negotiate his release.

That was because the North Korean justification for his imprisonment centered on a dubious claim that Warmbier had stolen a propaganda poster in a Pyongyang hotel lobby on orders from the Friendship United Methodist Church in Wyoming, Ohio, to bring it back “as a trophy” in exchange for a used car worth $10,000.         
“That’s why that part of the story was kept quiet,” added Bergman, executive director of The Richardson Center, an organization founded by former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson that works to negotiate the release of prisoners and hostages held by hostile regimes.
Yes, because heaven knows what the North Koreans might do if you "embarrass" them.

In Desperate Need of a New Career

From the Toronto Sun:
Shari Tremba stood out at the Wild Beaver Saloon. 
The 42-year-old multi-tasking mom and life coach was arrested at 12:45 a.m. outside the Beaver where she was simultaneously drinking, smoking and breastfeeding while trying to bum booze. 
In exchange for sex...
Life coach?!?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NCCM "Community Organizer"/Fundraiser: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Leila Almawy, "a community organizer and documentary filmmaker based in London, Ontario," sent out the following appeal on behalf of the entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN(and currently knows as the NCCM; hat tip MW):
Hello Friends: 
These past few days have been heavy and trying for the Muslim communities across the world - Grenfell, Nabra, the UK Mosque ploughing by a white supremacist. It's getting increasingly difficult to navigate through spaces as a Muslim, constantly watching your back, never knowing if you or someone you love will be next. 
If you're looking for a way to help, to be an ally, you can donate to the NCCM - National Council of Canadian Muslims so that they can continue to expand their reach to defend victims of discrimination and hate crimes, to engage policymakers on critical issues, to train new community leaders in advocacy, and to build more channels for civic engagement. 
NCCM is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the human rights & civil liberties of Canadian Muslims (and by extension of all Canadians), promoting their public interests and challenging Islamophobia and other forms of xenophobia. 
Take action now. 
Please consider donating to my team 'Agents of Change' by going to and selecting my team name... 
And lastly, please share this far and wide. 
Leila Almawy
"Defend victims of discrimination and hate crimes"; "build more channels for civic engagement"; challenge "Islamophobia and others forms of xenophobia": community organizer Leila and her "Agents of Change" team sound freaking pretty awesome, don't they?

But maybe we should check and see what else Leila is saying--say, on her Twitter feed.

For instance, this:
So pardon my rage (or don't) when I say screw the & & & . Either way, idgaf. With love & rage, Leila
Wow, that doesn't sound very civically engaging. In fact, it sounds downright hateful, bigoted, xenophobic and potty-mouthed to me.

Go figure, huh?

OISE "Deep Thinker" Wants "National Aboriginal Day" to Be a Statutory Holiday

It's a function of "Truth & Reconciliation" & liberal guilt.

Lots and lots of guilt.