Friday, August 29, 2014

How to Speak "Leftese"

The Sandy Man Song

You can credit--or blame--Mark Steyn for this one:

Who can take a nation,
Make it buy his pitch?
Cover up the scandals
'Cuz the media's his bitch.
The Sandy Man.
The Sandy Man can.
The Sandy Man can
'Cuz he mixes it with race
And makes you folks feel bad.

Who can take the jihad
Divest it of Islam?
Never sweat the caliphate
'Cuz "strategy" is dumb.
The Sandy Man.
Oh, the Sandy can.
The Sandy Man can 'cuz he doesn't have a clue
And his worldview is askew.

The Sandy Man flails;

 Usually he fails.
Ask him 'bout the trade for Bergdahl.
He'll say, "Not another word y'all.
POTUS's is the preferred call."

 Who can take tomorrow
 Eff it up like mad?
 (Many years from now

We'll still be battle-ing jihad.)
The Sandy Man.
Oh, the Sandy Man can
The Sandy Man can
'Cuz they fell for him--twice.
And now we're payin' the price...

Obama "Enraged" At Israeli Government

Must be Friday.

If You Thought Hamas Was the Only Terrorist Outfit Firing Rockets Into Israel During the Recent Gaza War...

Think again.

Calgary Conference Designed to Tackle Radicalization of Local "Yutes" Features "Right of Return" Singer

Since Calgary has become fertile ground for ISIS recruitment, the locals have decided it's time to take action to try to curb it. That action consists of a four day conference--OWN IT--wherein the young'uns will undoubtedly be told to:
  •  ignore the jihad/sharia/supremacism embedded in core Islamic texts;
  • shun those clerics who fail to put that stuff in "the proper context";
  • close their ears and hearts to ISIS's enticing pitch which includes foreign intrigue, bloody beheadings and panting virgins.
Will it work? Probably not. Especially since the confab's featured performer is singer Maher Zain. Zain's biggest hit, a catchy little number called "Palestine Will Be Free," is a hymn to the "right of return" and Israel's demise.
To recap: ISIS's take on jihad is beyond the pale while a call to snuff out Israel is okey-dokey.

Own that, conference organizers.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shaykh Yusuf Badat's Explanation of Radicalization on Ceeb Radio Leaves Much to Be Desired

Imam ShaykhYusuf Badat told Ceeb radio host Matt Galloway this morning that he's most concerned about the "radicalization" of local Muslim lads take it into their heads to run off and fight with ISIS. (You can listen to their conversation here.) Badat, who's imam of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto and who serves as veep of the Canadian Council of Imams, claims that the problem is that the radicalization occurs when certain verses of the Koran are--stop me if you've heard this before (and I'm sure you have)--"taken out of context."

Badat didn't specify which verses he means, but we can be fairly certain that they include the ones Robert Spencer highlights here.

Galloway, being a typical Ceeb know-nothing, failed to challenge Badat on two sore points. First, that during this year's "Doors Open" event, Badat's Islamic Foundation displayed material calling for jihad. Second, that the Canadian Council of Imams has, yes, condemned ISIS for its violence. But it has also denounced the neo-caliphate because--and this is critical to understanding the CCI mindset--ISIS has flouted sharia law pertaining to dhimmitude.

Gee, do you think the young'uns who have heeded jihad's siren call think Badat is as big a hypocrite as I do? And isn't this hypocrisy a huge part of the problem?

Shocking and Purr-verse News

Hello Kitty is not a cat.

"Mohammed" the Most Popular Boy's Name in Oslo

Yes, Oslo. As in Norway.

Have Jihadis Like Anjem Choudary "Perverted" Islam?

That great Islamic scholar John McCain says they have.
Obama, Holder and our entire State Department nevertheless prefer to be willfully ignorant, even deaf, dumb and blind to what motivated practically all the terrorist acts committed by Jihad-directed Muslims perpetrated against innocent civilians from dozens countries of all cultural political types as well as against fellow Muslims. No matter how long the call remains unheard, lies passive, it is always there as part of one thousand four hundred years of violent expansion, it may be LATENT, but it is always LETHAL.
This is not “radical” but the standard, mainstream Islam that is inherently political and subject to the manipulation of demagogues, both “secular” and religious throughout history. A leader such as Saddam Hussein came to power through the Ba’ath political movement in Iraq devoted to “secular” Arab nationalism but when unable to fully mobilize public support for his failed policies, resorted to reforming his regime to make it appear more in line with traditional Islam, imprinting the first principle of Islam (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet) on the country’s flag and putting his portrait on the currency in the image of Saladin.
Jihad, this Sixth Pillar of Islam is not a “marginal” or “perverted interpretation” practiced by a tiny minority. It may lay dormant for generations but has the power overnight to transform tens of millions of Muslims around the globe into a mob craving blood, and “revenge” for what they perceive to be an affront to their dignity and sacred beliefs.

Revisiting the Eve of Destruction

The NatPo has another story about John Maguire, a nondescript lad from small town Ontario who "reverted" to Islam and ran off to fight with ISIS. That jogged my memory about a song parody I once wrote of Barry McGuire's 1960s hit, "Eve of Destruction." When I searched for it on the Web, I was shocked to see it was from almost five years ago, a time when the "Arab Spring" was pushing the likes of Thomas L. Friedman to paroxysms of jubilation and ISIS wasn't even a glimmer on the horizon. Re-reading (re-singing) it now all I can say is, damn, I'm prescient:

The eastern world it is ignitin'.
Bombs explodin’, lots of fightin’.
Shia killing Sunni--their very brothers
They also want to kill so many others.
Sharia would prevail, had they their druthers.
And you tell me over and over
And over and over again
That you don’t believe
We’re deep indeed in a jeehad.

Don’t you understand what they’re tryin’ to say
Can’t you feel the hate “extremists” purvey?
If the mullahs push the button, there’s no runnin’ away.
There will be no Jews to save,
They will all be in the grave.
[Take a look around ya folks, it ought to scare ya folks.]
And you tell me over and over
And over and over again, my friend
That you don’t believe we’re deep indeed in a jeehad.
That you don’t believe we’re deep indeed in a jeehad.

Yeah, their blood’s so hot it ain’t coagulatin’.
Our cluelessness and blindness are so frikkin' frustratin’.
Allowed to twist the truth--it’s called taqiyyah.
Handful of  “radicals” ain't nothin’ to fear.
The faith’s chock-full of “peace”
Is all we’re s’posed to hear.
And if you dare to differ they say, “Stick it in your ear.”
And you tell me over and over again... 

Think of all the hate there is in the Mideast
They loathe the Zion project,
They pray it soon is deceased.
Strap on a bomb for Allah, go earn a virgin,
And while the chaos spreads
The truth should be emergin’:
It’s all about what’s “pure”;
What isn’t they are purgin’.
But political correctness presents a phony version.
After ev’ry shahid mission
It's no “backlash” they are urgin’.
And you tell me over and over
And over and over again, my friend
That you don’t believe we’re deep indeed in a jeehad.
That you don’t believe we’re deep indeed in a jeehad.

ISIS Recruiting Methods Via Social Media Exceedingly Savvy and Effective; U.S. Gov's Efforts to Counter 'Em...Not So Much

So far ISIS is running rings around the infidels:
A typical interaction between a "lone wolf" and a recruiter might go as follows: A young man sees professional-looking propaganda videos produced by the Islamic State. He watches a few of the videos and feels that he has something in common with the men in the video. He then might reach out to the person who posted the video, either on Twitter or Facebook, and engage with him. Eventually, a series of conversations online might encourage the "lone wolf" to travel to Europe, with instructions to find a particular person who might help him make his way into Syria. 
While some people are directly encouraged to come to Syria via social-media conversations, Mr. Berger has monitored other exchanges in which a person has tweeted that he has arrived in Turkey, a signal that he needs an extremist to assist him with travel over the border.  
The Islamic State produces high-resolution videos and hashtag campaigns. It even has an app that can automatically tweet the organization's content on users' accounts. 
"They have a very good Twitter army; they have social-media savvy," said Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. 
The group's battlefield success makes Islamic State content all the more appealing, finding would-be recruits where they spend most of their time, on the Internet. 
"It's like attracting the moth to the light," Mr. Shaikh said. 
As for the U.S. government's counter-jihad initiatives on social media--the lights are out and nobody's biting:
The U.S. conducts its own counterpropaganda campaign on social media through the State Department's Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, although it is unclear how persuasive the campaign is. 
The targets are "fence-sitters," mostly disaffected teens and people in their 20s and 30s. "Those people don't tend to listen to the U.S. government," said Aki Peritz, a former CIA counterterrorism analyst...
No kidding. What "lone wolf" wants to get the scoop on holy war from Great Satan?