Friday, December 19, 2014

Get a Grip, Maggie!

Margaret Trudeau (Pierre's ex, Justin's mom) gets all giddy and girlish as she recalls a long-ago visit to an adorable totalitarian dictator:
It was a visit that marked a turning point in Canada's relationship with Cuba, but Margaret Trudeau remembers the groundbreaking trip as one in which a dictator melted at the sight of her baby. 
In some of the photos of Pierre Trudeau's closely followed 1976 trip to Cuba with Margaret and four-monthold Michel, Fidel Castro had a telltale stain on the front of his uniform, she remembers with a laugh. 
"Fidel made it clear in his opening remarks that the parents were important but not nearly as important as the baby. In some pictures Fidel had a big patch of wet saliva on his uniform because he had come over early to cuddle the baby." 
Thirty-eight years after that trip, Trudeau says she is celebrating the thawing of U.S.-Cuban relations along with the Cuban people, a move that was helped along through secret meetings held in Ottawa. 
She remembers Castro during that visit as a "very warm and charming man - I enjoyed him."...
That's because you were lucky enough to be the ditzy wife of Canada's Commie-loving prime minister and not a Cuban compelled to live under the thumb of the "charming" despot.

And guess what? Fidel isn't the first tyrant to evince a soft spot for an adorable infant.

Is America In the Grip of Raging "Islamophobia"?

Not so much, really:
A statistical analysis of the FBI’s newly released hate crime statistics for 2013 made by David J.Rusin of Islamist Watch shows that, as in previous years, most hate crimes in America were not religiously motivated.  
Taking the data provided by the FBI, Rusin's analysis shows that Muslims suffered 13.1 of all hate crimes motivated by religion (versus, for example, Jews, who suffered 60.6 percent of all religiously motivated hate crimes). 
One significant point these statistics speak to is that the narrative continually reinforced by Islamist organizations in America like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that Muslims – and hence, by proxy, Islam -- are under constant attack is false. 
As Rusin writes, "The hate crime statistics for 2013 offer a fresh example of how reality refuses to conform to the dubious narrative of widespread Muslim victimization at the hands of American bigots."  
Rusin's analysis confirms that, despite Islamist attacks on American soil – from 9/11 to Fort Hood to the Boston bombing, the statistics show that “Islamophobia” has not become a part of American culture. 
The groups that suffered the most hate crimes, in order, were blacks (1,856 incidences), gay men (750), whites (653), Jews (625), Hispanics (331), people of other ethnicities (324), LGBTs in general (277) and lesbians (160).
A statistic that wasn't gathered (but should have been): the number of hate crimes against Jews that were perpetrated by Muslims.

You Know What "Hollywood's Cowardice in the Face of Hacker Threats" Really Means, Don't You?

It means there will likely be a lot more faux-edgy lampooning of safe targets (ones who won't fight back via the hacking of computers or heads) a la The Book of Mormon. (Maybe they can get Seth and James to star in the movie version).

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jihad Denial an Unintended Consequence of Believing the Big Lie of Multiculturalism

This is what happens to societies that fall for the septic bromides and false promises of multiculturalism:
The practice of pretending not to notice things that scream for our attention— things like suicide bombings, the targeted murders of innocent school children, beheadings, honor killings, subjugation of women, and the transformation of community mosques into Jihadist command posts– has been practiced to the point of perfection. The time was long ago reached where free peoples find themselves facing the most basic of all social tests. Do we value our way of life to take steps–any steps– necessary to defend it, or don’t we? 
Canadian columnist Mark Steyn has been warning for more than a decade that it is the unprecedented affluence and physical security experienced by Western society since the end of World War II itself that has generated the very conditions that will soon put us all to the ultimate test. 
Our multicultural embrace has transformed Western society into a vacuous nullity that stands for nothing and believes in nothing except our own cultural and moral inferiority. When the values and symbols of Western culture are denuded of all meaning, as modern multiculturalism has done with remarkable success, is it any wonder that those looking for something positive to affirm look someplace other than Western civilization? Those who continue to maintain the pretense that all cultures are equally worthy of respect bear ever increasing guilt for legitimizing the medieval death cult that glorifies the murder of innocent Muslim children inside Muslim schools, enslaves women, beheads hostages, burns churches, crucifies Christians and murders all who oppose them. ‘War’ has been the word used throughout human history to describe the response against hostile forces plotting the destruction of one’s society. 
Yet, we can’t bring ourselves to admit what our enemies can’t stop admitting. The terrorists can’t stop talking about the Islam that motivates while our leaders can’t stop pretending that there are no such admissions.

Today's Unintentionally Amusing Headline Articulating the Painfully Obvious

Castro brothers' resistance to change could test new U.S.-Cuba diplomacy

Gee, ya think?

"With Love From Palestine"

Check out this photo I found on the Palestine House site:

Annual BBQ 2013
Their "Palestine"=Israel plus the "occupied territories," an "endgame"
that's the same as the UN's.

Aussie Mom Gets It Way Wrong When She Calls the Sydney Cafe Incident "A Senseless Tragedy"

Tragic it was for the two infidels who were killed and those who loved them. "Senseless" it most definitely was not. It was a well-planned out feat of jihad. And the failure to see the sense in it from a jihadi's perspective--something which, for obvious reasons, many Muslims don't want you to do--is cray-cray and suicidal.

"Grab the Schmaltz and Don't Skimp on the Onions"

Hey, works for me.

What Does a "Self-Styled Cleric" Who Had Already Posted a Series of Wacky Fatwas Calling for Terrorist Attacks Have To Do To Get Any Attention From Aussie Security Officials?

The answer to that one has now been answered. Apparently (and tragically), he has to storm a Sydney café and take a slew of hostages.

Guess What a Muslic Cleric Blames the Jihad On?

On Muhammad Does Medina? Don't be silly. On Debbie Does Dallas, more like.

Will Cuba's New Ties to the U.S. Mean It Will Sever Links to North Korea?

Yes, North Korea (emphases in the original):
According to the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, Hamas militants are attempting to negotiate an arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a U.S. federal court ruled that North Korea provided rocket and missile components for Hezbollah to use in its 2006 attacks against Israel.

According to the ruling, “North Korea provided Hezbollah with advanced weapons, expert advice and construction assistance in hiding these weapons in underground bunkers, and training in utilizing these weapons and bunkers to cause terrorist rocket attacks on Israel’s civilian population.

Arms sales continues to be one of the Kim regime's top revenue sources. The question remains: where does it get the weapons from?

Last year, the Cuban regime was caught red-handed smuggling 240 tons of weapons to North Korea. This constituted the largest amount of arms and related materiel interdicted to or from North Korea since the adoption of resolution 1718 (2006).

The interdicted shipment, aboard the Chong Chon Gang, included surface-to-air missile systems (that can take down planes), missile components, ammunition, radars and other miscellaneous arms-related materiel.

What if these missile systems had ended up in the hands of Hamas or Hezbollah?

Other Cuban weaponry may have, as there were at least seven other North Korean vessels that made similarly elusive trips (as the Chong Chon Gang) to Cuban in the last few years.

Regardless, this is another reason why Cuban officials and entities responsible arms trafficking with North Korea must face consequences for their illegal actions.
Apparently, the "consequences" are really good ones--American businesses rushing to make deals with Havana and American touristas flooding to Cuba's sandy white beaches.

Hey, maybe they can close Gitmo and turn it into a Club Med.