Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Dr." Farrakhan Sez Ebola Is a 'Race-Targeting' Bio-Weapon That Doesn't Affect White People

"Dr." Farrakhan is off his rocker.

Can We Talk?

Joan Rivers' High Holy Day Sermon

Obama's Double Standards

Do as he says, not as he does.

Why Is Turtle Bay Propping Up Wretched UNRWA?

You know how Obama wants Netanyahu to race back to Peace-In-Our-Time talks? Maybe Bibi should tell him, "Sure thing, Mr. President. But first you have to promise to stop propping up UNRWA, because there can never be peace while that racket's still up and UNRWAnning."

"Obama Didn’t Know Anything and He Never Knew It"

Forget it, Dan, it's Obamatown.

When It Comes to Funding Jihad, "Charity" Begins at Home

Only a tiny minority of extremists has run off to wage holy war with ISIS. However, a much larger cohort, writes Abigail R. Esman on the IPT site,  is doing what it can to support the jihad by raising funds back "home" in Europe. How many Muslims are involved? Esman says
in the end, that number isn't what really matters. More significant is what a European Muslim community that increasingly supports radical Islamic, pro-sharia movements, and willingly underwrites their jihad. It is a kind of silent jihadist movement, a form of terror funding that slips beneath the radar, and between the laws.
You can be sure that the same efforts are underway in North America.

Wise Move

Toronto District School Board committee tells Chinese government-affiliated Confucius Institute to take a hike.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Obama's "Palestine" OCD Acts Up Again

In meeting with Netanyahu, Obama calls to change Israeli-Palestinian ‘status quo’

Oh, Barry, can't you just give it a rest for now?

Of Pigeons and Paranoia

Beijing performs “anal security checks” on 10,000 pigeons released for National Day

Can't imagine being one of the "lucky" security officials who was given that "delightful" assignment.

Pidgy says: "You want to do what to me?"

What Happens In Mecca Stays In Mecca

You know how Arabs and other Muslims freak out whenever Israel does much of anything, however minor, to shore up or uncover antiquities in the Old City of Jerusalem? Well, maybe they would be better advised to spare a second to look at the far more drastic--and destructive--changes occurring right now in Islam's holiest city:
Now the city is being moulded to a particularly Saudi vision that bolsters the rule of the Al Saud royal family. 
Two forces shape that vision. One is raw, petrodollar-fueled capitalism. Mecca's planners are largely catering to wealthier pilgrims by focusing on construction of five-star hotels, surrounding the Kaaba in marble-sheathed luxury. Nearby pilgrims can shop at international chains, including a Paris Hilton store and a gender-segregated Starbucks. 
The other force is Wahhabism, the strict, puritanical interpretation of Islam that the Al Saud rulers elevated to the country's official doctrine. In return, Wahhabi clerics staunchly back the monarchy. The monarchy has long given Wahhabi clerics a monopoly of preaching at the Kaaba. 
One tenet of Wahhabism is that Muslim tombs or sites connected to revered figures -- even the Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions -- should be destroyed to avoid veneration of anything other than God. It's the same iconoclastic zeal that has prompted militants from the Islamic State group to blow up Muslim shrines in Iraq and Syria. 
In Mecca, hardly any site associated with Muhammad remains. Many were destroyed in previous expansions of the Grand Mosque in the 1980s and 1990s, and the new development is finishing off much of what remains. In 2008, for example, the house of Abu Bakr, Muhammad's successor as leader of the Muslim community, was razed to make way for a Hilton. 
The country's top religious official, Grand Mufti Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheik, backed such demolitions last year, saying "the removal of such things within the expansion is necessary."
If the Muslim world wasn't so unhinged by the derangements of Zionhass, it would likely be paying far more attention to the crass Las Vegasation of Mecca than to the painstaking archaeological and preservationist efforts taking place in Jerusalem. Of course, the fact that the Jews are behind these initiatives is precisely what makes Arabs and other Muslims (including those lovable Shias over in Ayatollahville) so crazy.

From Bad to Verse

The prosecutor in the Oklahoma beheading case says the killer was "infatuated with beheadings."

The poet in me demands that we call it "a decapitation infatuation."