Thursday, November 27, 2014

ISIS Recruiters Sing a Seasonal Song

Blow up the kafir.
His non-belief brings grief to
Quite a lot of us.
Let's make 'em suffer,
We hate "crusaders" who invade
Our territory.
For we need a little jeehad,
Right this very second.
Need a little jeehad,
It's not what they have reckoned with.
They'll bleed because of jeehad
Right this very second.
Their airplanes bombing our locations
Haven't caused us palpitations.

Obama's a weakling.
He's in no rush to crush us
So we're laughin' at him.
And, strictly speaking,
We know that we have got the
Will to kill and prevail.

For we've grown a little stronger,
Grown a little older.
Know we're lasting longer--
Longer 'cuz we're bolder.
And we need you to be stupid,
Depending on your "outreach".
Need a little jeehad now!...

New: A Virtual Guided Tour of Hell*

Auschwitz-Birkenau museum launches virtual tour of death camp

It lets you "enjoy" that death camp experience in the comfort of home and without your having to sample the "yummy" local food.

* A sly reference to this book by Francine Prose.

B.C. RCMP Official Serves Up Same Old Warmed-Over "Diversity" Pap as an Antitdote for "Radicalization"

In today's NatPo, an RCMP official from British Columbia named Wayne Rideout, 'splains a critical component of the Mounties' "multi-layered anti-terrorism strategy" that aims to "keep Canadians safe" (link not yet available online):
Still, we can't effectively counter the threat of radicalization leading to violence through detection and disruption alone. This is why community engagement is so important. We are enhancing the long-standing relationships we have with Canadian communities and families, including diverse ethnic, cultural and religious communities. Which is why B.C. groups like the RCMP's Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee are so important to our collective efforts.
Our collective goal should be to prevent our youth and our citizens from engaging in violent extremism...
"Violent extremism," eh?

Euphemize much, Assistant Commissioner Rideout?

I don't know about you, but I don't exactly rest easy at night knowing that those in charge of keeping us safe and sound employ vapid, vaguely Soviet-sounding slogans like "DIVERSITY/INCLUSION: Embracing individuality, collectively we are the RCMP" and can't even bring themselves to utter the words "Islam," "Islamists" or "jihad".

Update: In another euphemism, one that's at least closer to the truth, the B.C. RCMP refers to planned acts of jihad as having been inspired by an "al-Qaida ideology."

Anything--anything--to avoid giving offence to testier parts of the, er, collective, right? (Hey, it worked in/for Rotherham, didn't it?)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Must-Listen: The "Call of the Day" on Ceeb Radio Phone-In Show Ontario Today

Wow, how did this one--a blast of truth about the words of violence embedded in Islam's holy texts--ever manage to slip past the screener?

Something Else That Divided Hagel and Obama

Unlike the POTUS, Hagel is "a true friend of Israel."

Made My Day/Week/Month

Mark Steyn calls me "the great Scaramouche" here.

In another part of his post, Steyn mentions that disgraced Ceeb celeb Jian Ghomeshi
surrendered to Toronto Police and was charged with four counts of sexual violence plus one of choking someone in order to "overcome resistance". The last is serious business: if convicted, Ghomeshi could go to prison for life. As for the "sexual violence", what strikes me about the various accounts from his "girlfriends" is that his sexual violence is heavy on the violence, rather light on the sexual - if there's any at all: at least one paramour dated him for a year without any sex. His initial get-ahead-of-the-story statement and, indeed, his own lawyer in a lighthearted jest at a speaking engagement suggested the violence was just "foreplay". But au contraire Ghomeshi seems to be less interested in sex than in just beating women up for the sheer pleasure of it.
Indeed. As I have previously remarked, he seemed to be using a category of sexual behavior--B&D&S&M--to justify what boiled down to a penchant (allegedly) for A&B (assault and battery), which is criminal, not sexual. (Given Ghomeshi's obvious desire to justify his proclivities, the appearance of the Shades of Grey trilogy a few years back must have seemed like a godsend.)

As if his Icarus-like fall wasn't humiliating enough, Jian has been subjected to what, for him, must be the ultimate indignity: In order to get out on bail, he had to agree to live with his Mom. (Presumably, Mama G. is far less likely to turn a blind eye to Jian's dubious dating antics than was his beloved stuffie and wingman, Big Ears Teddy.)

How Dumb Is the RCMP? So Dumb That It Employes the Services of a "De-Radicalicalization Counsellor" Who Seems Awfully Cozy With the Taliban

Tarek Fatah, who appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on National Security and Defence the other day, recounts the sorry story of how the RCMP is being duped:
I suggested to the senators that some Islamic clerics are taking us for a ride. For example, a Canadian cleric, a white convert to Islam who is touted as a ‘de-radicalization counsellor’ by the RCMP, was last week in the Gulf Emirate of Qatar, holding meetings with the leadership of the Taliban. 
On his Facebook page, this RCMP de-radicalization counsellor wrote: 
“I am meeting with the head of the Taliban Embassy in Doha, Qatar and we are working on a treaty that would state clearly that the Taliban (Mujahideen) don’t condone vigilante violence, criminal acts or terrorism in non-Muslim countries.” 
De-radicalization, I told the senators, was just an empty meaningless word. The real challenge was to prevent radicalization and this required confronting the rhetoric of political Islam rather than appeasing those who fanned religiosity and made Muslims believe their first loyalty was to Islam, not their community of fellow Canadians and Canada. 
“To ask ‘former radicals’ to de-radicalize radical Islamists is like asking Marxists to convert Communists into liberal democrats,” I told the committee.
FYI, here's the "de-radicalizer's" Facebook entry.

Also, I would suggest that the real real challenge is to come to terms with the fact that "political Islam" and Islam are one and the same, something, alas, which Mr. Fatah seems loath to do.

Time to Say Good Riddance to Bad UNRWA

When it comes to Zionhass, there's no diff between UNRWA and Hamas. That being so, now is the time to acknowledge that UNRWA's jihadi aspirations mimic those it purports to serve, and stop funding a racket that foments Jew-hate and that aims to replace the Jewish state with an Islamist one.

In Leftyworld, Some Victims Count; Others Don't

I'm sure you have noticed that, while the vast majority of African-Americans/Muslims are killed by other African-American/Muslims, African-Americans/Muslims and the squish-brained media care only about that much smaller portion of African-Americans/Muslims who are killed by white people/Israelis. In other words, a victim mentality pervades both grievance groups, a state of affairs that allows them to evade all responsibility for their actions and blame their sorry fate entirely on the "racist" other. And the leftist media, pervaded as it is by leftist guilt and adoration of the designated underdog (the eternal "victim" of America/Israel), purveys this faulty narrative, one that helps keep the "victim" locked--frozen--in a state of victimhood that can only be assuaged by occasional eruptions of mob anger/violence/an intifada. 

In light of that reality, this photo taken the other night in downtown Seattle makes perfect sense:

Ferguson Palestine
Dear Lefty Useful Idiots: "crime" and "Palestine" don't
actually rhyme.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dutch Muslim "Yutes" Idolize ISIS Beheaders

According to a recent study
90 percent of Dutch Turks ages 18-35 consider the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) members heroes, and enthusiastically support their friends and neighbors who travel to Syria to join them. And 48 percent of Holland's 18-35-year-old Moroccan immigrants agree.
Only 90%, eh? Looks like that Dutch effort to integrate immigrants is working like a charm.

Iran Called "Inflexible" In Recent Nuke Talks

That's 'cuz we're "negotiating" while they're standing pat.