Friday, December 15, 2017

Watch Out For Flying Pigs!

"Limitations to Speech May Be Based On the Harm Principle Or the Offence Principle"

Well, yes, they may indeed be based on those principles--especially in places where sharia law prevails. But using such an argument to silence Pamela Geller isn't likely to fly, even here in Justin's Trudeaupia.

That said, Faisal Kutty gives it that old school try, smearing Geller as "the world's top Islamophobe." Among her "crimes": she says "Hitler was inspired by Islam" (what an absurd idea!) and that Islamic prayers include curses aimed at Christians and Jews (what egregious tommyrot!).

No wonder Kutty wants to keep her out of the country. 

Update: Invaluable anti-jihad/anti-sharia blogger Pointe de Bascule unpacks law prof Kutty's "modern" interpretation of Islamic law here.

Update: My letter to the Toronto Star:
I believe it was the great French writer Voltaire who first said, "Limitations to speech may be based on the harm principle or the offence principle."

Oh, wait. It was law professor and vocal proponent of Islamic law Faisal Kutty who originated that deathless line.

The quotation usually attributed to Voltaire is, "I wholly disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Which pretty much explains why there is plenty of freedom in the Western world and not much to speak of in places where the "harm" or the "offence" principles hold sway.

Douglas Murray Skewers the "Diversity" Lie In a Most Amusing Way

Murray exposes the "diversity" palaver for what it is--a threadbare concept that's being pushed by our elites for reasons of virtue signaling and civilizational self-loathing. As Murray explains, the elites' "reasoning," such as it is, goes something like this:
It doesn't matter if we're financially poorer. It doesn't matter, because we're so much more culturally rich. Now, I should say that there is something in this. What society -- Europeans certainly wouldn't do this. What society doesn't want to know as much of interest and culture as the world has to offer? Who doesn't want to know as much about the world, and about the ideas of the world as possible? But, of course, the first person from, for instance, India to bring Indian cuisine into the U.K., does an interesting service. Vins up the local cuisine. It's not the case that the next 100 Indians who come, for instance, bring a hundred times more interesting cuisine. It's not the case that the first Sudanese poet who enters the U.K. massively brings interest to your country and that the next thousand people from Sudan continue to just bring ever richer versions of the poetry of Sudan. And, by the way, please don't ask me to name my favorite Sudanese poet. But, this is just a part of that lie. They all say – You also notice, by the way, that this is always a one way street. Not once in my adult life have I heard anybody say that the thing that Eritrea needs an injection of Welshman. That they just could do with some Welsh cooking or singing. Nobody says this. Nobody says, as Mark Steyn and I were saying in a conversation recently, nobody says the thing that the Somalis really need is a bit more Bach. I actually think it would be nice for them if they had a bit more Bach. But nobody thinks that's an appropriate way to say it. But Europeans are told there's something hollow at our heart. As if we in Europe, the culture of Dante and Gerter and Bach, has some kind of diminishment; something hollow at its center that needs filling by the world.
Personally, I'd take Welsh singing over Welsh cooking any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Is Major League B-Ball About to Run Afoul of Ontario's Kangaroo Court?

You can bet you sweet Wahoo it is.

Fatwa: The Musical

In case you missed it on the tube, here it is (with Lin-Manuel Miranda as Salman Rushdie and F. Murray Abraham as the Ayatollah Khomeini):

Update: The Ayatollah Khomeini sings a Rodgers & Hammerstein favorite:
Fry ev'ry Zionist.
Nuke ev'ry Jew.
Strangle ev'ry Sunni.
Till our dreams come true.

Fry ev'ry Zionist.
Enforce sharia law.
Celebrate Al Quds Day.
Issue a fatwa.

An edits that needs
To be heeded and heard.
Ev'ry day of your life
Even though it's absurd.

Fry ev'ry Zionist.
Nuke ev'ry Jew.
Bamboozle ev'ry kafir.
Till our dreams come true.
Update: One more, with feeling:
Hijabs on women and nooses on homos.
Torture to punish and terrify our foes.
A shiny reactor and A-bombs to fling:
These are a few of my favorite things...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It's Lights Out In/For Sweden

The elminitionist "protest" in Sweden looks much like the one in, say, Vancouver (same cast of sketchy characters; different Dar al Harb locale). But as Mark Steyn explains, Sweden is going down the tubes at a much faster pace than many places in Europe. As it does, of course, it becomes almost impossible for Jews to continue living there. It also provides a preview of coming attractions for our "diversity"-mad Trudeaupia, a snapshot of where remorseless immigration/Islamization can lead you.


Update: This documentary lays it all out in all its depressing detail:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jewish Fashion Victims

Betcha didn't know there are ugly Hanukkah sweaters, too. Just in time for the Festival of Lights 2017, here's a sampling:

Ugly Christmas Sweater - Ugly Hanukkah Sweater by Tipsy Elves










Is "Social Justice" Good For the Jews?

Not so much, really:
If those who seek to engage in Jewish life believe that the universal good always outweighs the needs of the Jewish collective, we will not have a Jewish collective a generation from now, and the Jewish people and America will both be impoverished by that loss.
It's eerily reminiscent of those Jews who, back in the day, invested all their hopes in Communism.

As you'll recall, that didn't turn out too well for the Jews either. 

In Other Words, On the Twelfth of Never

Bret Stephens contends that "peace and a Palestinian state" will spring into being 
when Palestinians aspire to create a Middle Eastern Costa Rica — pacifist, progressive, neighborly and democratic — rather than another Yemen: by turns autocratic, anarchic, fanatical and tragic.

Eliminationist Stand Up

At an anti-Israel seethe-a-palooza in Vancouver (fast becoming the Malmo of Canada?), a hilarious speaker told the assembled that the reason he loves the Palestinian flag so much is because of what it represents: inclusiveness.

This at an event where an Israeli flag was stolen and burnt, and where eliminationist chants--"One, two, three, four, Israel, no more! One, two, three, four, occupation, no more!,” along with the ever-popular “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!"--rang out.

One stolen flag was stashed under a stroller (see photo below, sent to me by a counter-protester)--because Zion-loathers always like to, ahem, include the kids in these things, the better to imbue them with hatred as early as possible.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Cher M. Macron: Bite Moi

The French president tells Israel's president that he's against acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel's capital and that the onus is now on Israel to make a gesture that will entice the Palestinians to make "peace."

Regarding that "two state solution" that the EU is so keen on: there's no way it'll come to pass in Israel (because the Israel-Palestine dynamic is really an either-or sort of thing), but there's a change that, one day, it'll solve the fraught infidel-Islamist problem in Europe.