Monday, June 27, 2016

Euphemism Du Jour For Something Really, Really Gross That Should Appeal to the Self-Righteous 'Green' Crowd

It's "flameless cremation"--an environmentally-friendly body disposal method that amounts to "one flush and you're good to go."

I think it would be ideal for Naomi Klein, David Suzuki and Al Gore and others of that ilk.
Dissolve. Flush. Repeat.

Post-Orlando Massacre, Toronto Muslims and Gays Share an Amicable Iftar Dinner By Banishing the Elephant in the Room

So nice to see everyone getting along so well. And the only way that can work is by ignoring the ginormous pachyderm in the room, i.e. Islamic doctrine, still in effect, calling for homosexuals to be executed:
Muslim and LGBTQ organizers issued dual statements at the event, signed by community leaders and prominent organizations on each side, denouncing hatred and bigotry. Mayor John Tory and provincial Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray, who is gay, were there to show support. 
“As a community we stand firmly against all forms of oppression including homophobia and transphobia,” said Jeewan Chanicka, a public school principal, and Shaila Carter, CEO of the Muslim Women’s Collective, reading from a Muslim statement endorsed by Islamic scholars and Muslim writers, businesspeople and imams, including Yusuf Badat of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, one of the Canada’s oldest Muslim organizations.
It warned that Islamophobia is on the rise after the Orlando shooting because of the gunman’s identity: U.S. citizen Omar Mateen was the son of Afghan immigrants and an observant Muslim who reportedly pledged his support for Daesh before carrying out the massacre. 
Mateen’s identity is “sadly being used to make assumptions about all Muslims,” says the LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex and queer) statement. “Some are using this attack on LGBTIQ people to justify their racism and Islamophobia.” We strongly believe that homophobia cannot be fought with Islamophobia, racism or any other form of xenophobic action.”
But it can and must be fought by acknowledging the gyrating elephant, something which, obviously, no one from either group is prepared to do. (BTW, it isn't a "phobia"--or "racism"/"hatred"-- if your concerns are legit.)

Update: Yusuf Badat condemns "all forms of oppression including homophobia," does he? That's pretty rich coming from an imam who, according to anti-jihad blogger Pointe de Bascule, is given to "blaming the internet for the radicalization of young Muslims while disseminating around him books by Maududi that praise jihad and Islamic takeover."

Jonathan Kay: Out of Guilt and a Utopian Longing for a Mythic Past, Canadians Have Taken the Aboriginal Stuff Too Far

I haven't agreed with J. Kay for a while now (on the other hand, I usually agree with his mother, Barbara), but I think he nails it with this:
All Western nations are vulnerable to romantic primitivism. But Canada is a special case, because much of our artistic and literary firmament is built on the unspoken conceit that an authentic Canadian soul can exist only in a state of nature. Most of us live in cities these days. But we are soothed by the idea that there exists some heart-pure children of the forest who remain firmly—even genetically—rooted to field and stream. 
For decades, it has been a point of principle that Indigenous peoples in Canada must chart their own future without interference from outsiders. Our First Nations will have to make difficult decisions about what mix of traditional and modern elements they want in their society; and address wrenching questions about integration, relocation, language use, and education. Addressing these hard questions will be all the more difficult if Canada’s leading thinkers—even those with the best of intentions, such as the authors of In This Together—build the project of reconciliation on a foundation of attractive myths. 
It is our moral duty as a Canadians to acknowledge the full horror of what was done to Indigenous peoples. But we must not respond to this horror by seeking to conjure an Indigenous Eden of postcolonial imagination—a society that never truly existed in the first place.
It was brave of J. Kay to write this essay because you know it is not going to go over well with the soignée elitists/Justin Trudeau fans he hangs out with in his current incarnation as editor of The Walrus.

Speaking of someone who romanticizes primitivism, behold
Justin Trudeau (Aboriginal name: Plays Not With Full Deck).

Sunday, June 26, 2016

CNN's Fareed Zakaria 'Spains "Why They Hate Us" By Sanitizing By-the-Book Islam

Zakaria's spin-doc was on the tube again last night, and I watched in astonishment as he drew an exact parallel between war-like words in Deuteronomy and calls for jihad in Islamic scripture--as if Jews, too, have been engaged in an ongoing "holy war" since the get-go.

At one stage, Zakaria has a sit down with ardent jihadist Anjem Choudary. And while I deplore Choudary's supremacist ideology, it has the advantage of being real and pure and true. Unlike Zakaria's mealy-mouthed half-truths, which are designed to lull and gull the infidel into thinking that Choudary's version of Islam--the version described below--is not the real deal:
It's not theology, it's politics. Radical Islam is the product of the broken politics and stagnant economics of Muslim countries. They have found in radical religion an ideology that lets them rail against the modern world, an ideology that is now being exported to alienated.
Wrong. Radical Islam is the product of Islam's holy texts and the example of Islam's founder, a warrior with a penchant for dominance and conquest.

Fareed won't tell you that, though, because he wants you to feel guilty about the crappy state of the Muslim world, and to make you think that you--that we--bear the onus for fixing it:
There's really only one way: Help the majority of Muslims fight extremists, reform their faith, and modernize their societies. In doing so, we should listen to those on the front lines, many of whom are fighting and dying in the struggle against jihadis. The hundreds of Muslim reformers I've spoken to say their task is made much harder when Western politicians and pundits condemn Islam entirely, demean their faith, and speak of all Muslims as backward and suspect.
Seems to me that Fareed, the "moderate,"  is calling for outright submission, which is exactly what the radical likes of Choudary demand. However, no matter who insists on it--whether "moderates," like Zakaria, or "radicals," like Choudary--to paraphrase the infamous words of Turkey's Erdogan, submission is submission, and that's it. And that task--our submission/capitulation--is made much harder when Westerners actually know what's in the Koran, the Hadith and Islam's other holy works such that we understand from whence jihad stems, and condemn it entirely.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Icon of Childhood, Curious George, Explains Ramadan to Us Ignorant Infidels (With the Ceeb's Approval, Natch)

Talk about yer cultural appropriation.

Hena Khan has written the new children's book "It's Ramadan, Curious George."

Swedish Jews Face Perfect Storm of Swedes' Useful Idiocy/Political Correctness/Sentimentalism Re "Victims" and Muslim Immigrants' Jew-Hate

The reason it's a perfect storm, as this Swedish Jew explains, is because the stupid, sanctimonious Swedes are far more concerned about "Islamophobia" than they are about the Muslims' Jew-hate:
The arrival of high numbers of refugees in 2015 has compounded these concerns [about the Jews' safety]. Here, we hear reports of regular occurrences of violence at temporary facilities housing refugees, due to racism and intolerance within this group. As a result, special homes are being set-up to protect Christian refugees, LGBT refugees and refugees where mothers travel alone with their sons. Here, we can see a lack of political will to speak out on these issues as well as minimal mainstream media attention regarding the racism or discriminatory values that this population may bring into Swedish society. As a result, there are currently no initiatives to address anti-Semitic attitudes, neither among this wave of 150,000 refugees, the majority of whom seek to make Sweden their long-term home, nor among the hundreds of thousands that arrived in previous years. 
The miscalculation at the core of this situation is that any rise in Islamophobia, with the potential detrimental consequence in terms of radicalizing local Muslims, is perceived as far more dangerous than the risk of ignoring a rise in anti-Semitism.
The arrival of high numbers of refugees in 2015 has compounded these concerns considerably. Here, we hear reports of regular occurrences of violence at temporary facilities housing refugees, due to racism and intolerance within this group. As a result, special homes are being set-up to protect Christian refugees, LGBT refugees and refugees where mothers travel alone with their sons. Here, we can see a lack of political will to speak out on these issues as well as minimal mainstream media attention regarding the racism or discriminatory values that this population may bring into Swedish society. As a result, there are currently no initiatives to address anti-Semitic attitudes, neither among this wave of 150,000 refugees, the majority of whom seek to make Sweden their long-term home, nor among the hundreds of thousands that arrived in previous years.
How delusional/blind/clueless are the Swedes? This says it all:
Mainstream politicians and media believe and expect that immigrants will reward Swedish generosity by integrating seamlessly into Swedish customs and values. From their point of view, there is no need to discuss or debate whether this theory actually holds in reality, and, if not, to define and implement decisive action to uproot anti-Semitism in Sweden, independent of its source. This erroneous political correctness and acceptance is a plague for Swedish society in general, but, if their vilification continues unchecked, Jews will be its first victim. 
Jews will be its first victim, but you can be sure the Swedes will be its second.

Friday, June 24, 2016

"How Long Can the Left Keep Up Its Jihad Denial?"

How long have you got?

Quoting My Clever Son

"The greatest 'Brexit' ever was in 1776."

"From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!"

Al Quds Day's Khomeinist organizers openly--and brazenly--proclaim their eliminationist dreams.

The words to chant in response: From the river to the sea, Israel will always be!

International Day of Al-Quds - Toronto

Farzana Hassan Tells Muslims to "Actively Counter the Extremism In Their Midst" By Rejecting Their Islamic "Values"

She may not put it into those exact words, but that, in essence, is her message:
They must not just condemn outrages and disown the perpetrators, but advocate positively for tolerance toward Westerners, women, homosexuals and those of different religious beliefs, or no beliefs.
If more Muslims imparted these values to their children, violence in the name of Islam would decrease.
If more Muslims imparted these (Western) values to their children, would they still be Muslim? Or would they be Muslim in name only? And isn't that, in fact, part of the problem--immigrant parents who move away from their traditions only to find that that makes their children feel adrift in the larger society, and therefore more inclined to want to search for the identity--and the "values"-- their parents had shunned?

How many "lone wolf" jihadis are born right here in the West?

Hassan's suggestion sounds eminently sensible, but, alas, when it comes to Islamic supremacism and all the bad stuff it engenders, including jihadi terrorism, there is no magic bullet.

Update: Here's another problem--"moderate" Muslims who, instead of copping to the reality of what Islamic scripture has to say about homosexuality, insist that it says no such thing:
Raheel Raza, president of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, and an author who tries to fight hate in Islam, said the video is shocking and Quick's remarks dehumanize gay men. She said the comments do not reflect the teachings of Islam. 
"It's an appalling video, it's shocking. We have a responsibility to not make statements that lead to violence," Raza said. "What right does one human being have, no matter what faith, no matter what religion, to condemn another person to death? This is at the core of this issue." 
Raza said the belief Quick expressed in the video that gay men should die is not found in the the (sic)  Qur'an. She says the Islamic holy book does not accept "homosexuality," but it does not condone violence against the gay community, either. 
Raheel's on the right side, but she does her cause a grave disservice by misrepresenting the contents of the Quran (which calls for homosexuals to be stoned to death, the reason why gays are executed in Muslim countries--Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen--that practice Quran-inspired sharia law).

This assessment by another moderate is far more honest (my bolds):
Mainstream Muslim-American imams or religious leaders believe that everything the prophet said was true. Cognitive dissonance is the fundamental psychological issue that is swept under the rug, but that needs to be a conversation in American mosques. On the topic of homosexuality, most American-Muslim scholars, such as Yasir Qadhi, will argue that in a pluralistic society such as that of the United States, we must tolerate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans even while we believe that they live sinful lives. 
More liberal American-Muslim leaders will advocate that we are obliged to fight for the LGBT community. Reza Aslan and Hasan Minhaj, after last year’s Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, followed the liberal line in  An Open Letter to American Muslims on Same-Sex Marriage. They cited the Quran ("Be just, for this is closest to righteousness") and said God's mercy and compassion extends "to all people, not just those who are straight.” 
But if it were really that simple, their letter would not be necessary. Their logic, unfortunately, is torn apart by any honest reading of the prophet’s words.
Update: This letter appears in the National Post:
Re: Islamism? Perish The Thought!, Barbara Kay, June 22.It is unbelievable so many individuals try to blind themselves to the fact some Muslims advocate hostility against those who are not in their particular faith group, and that includes other Muslims. From all evidence, it appears Omar Mateem was gay, that a local iman inspired Muslims to act compassionately toward gays by killing them, and that by doing so Mateem could erase his guilt of being gay. 
Barbara Kay is correct in pointing out the methods other than firearms, used by terrorists who were all motivated in some degree by their interpretation of Islam. It is not Islamophobic to face the facts there are such people in this country, as evidenced by attacks by Islamic-inspired terrorists and that the Mounties and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service are surveilling as many as their budgets and physical resources will allow. Fortunately, there are Muslims who advocate for a reformation in the interpreting of wording that might encourage those looking at terrorism to adopt a more tolerant approach to others.
Norman Gardner, Toronto
My response:
Letter-writer Norman Gardner thinks that Muslims who call for a reinterpretation of  "wording" in Islam's sacred texts could prompt potential terrorists to "adopt a more tolerant approach to others."

Well, that's certainly one possibility--and a highly optimistic one at that.

The more likely scenario, however, sees such  "moderate" voices being shunned, not only by young Muslims searching for "authenticy"--which means a literalist interpration of the texts--but also by non-Muslims, who think the only "authentic" Muslim leaders are imams who dress and think in the most traditional ways.

Therefore, the best--and one might argue the only--way for Muslims to effect the sort of change that will result in more tolerance is not by performing Cirque du Soleil-worthy contortions in a vain attempt to try to make the wording say something it does not. Instead, it is via a wholesale rejection of what is actually written.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mahmoud Abbas's Speech to the EU in Brussels: Mad, Bad and Seriously Unhinged

If the man is off his meds, he needs to get back on 'em a.s.a.p. If he isn't on any meds, it's time he was.

Maybe some heavy-duty psychoactives could do something to mitigate this sort of mishegas:
In his speech, Abbas accused Israeli rabbis of calling for the poisoning of Palestinian drinking water — an apparent reference to a media report that has been debunked. 
“Isn’t that clear incitement to commit mass killings against the Palestinian people?” Abbas asked. 
Abbas also claimed terrorism around the world would halt if Israel withdrew from Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem. 
“Once the occupation ends, terrorism will disappear, there will be no more terrorism in the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world,” Abbas said...
At which point this mental case skipped around the room while gaily singing, "Choo Choo Charlie was an engineer..."