Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why Should This Day Be Different From Any Other?

New York Times Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day By Defending Iran and Smearing Israel

Pepe the Neo-Fascist Frog Sheds a Tear

At memorial, Trump calls Holocaust deniers an ‘accomplice to horrible evil’

Justin Trudeau Now: Pandering to a Terrorist In the Context of Multiculti Utopianism and Harping on His Privilege In the Context of Pot Smoking

First, the pandering: Trudeau is in hot water over a photo showing him dining in the company of an alleged Tamil terrorist. (Hey, in Justin's Trudeaupia, one man's terrorist is another man's--a pandering politician's--photo op, right?)

Next, the privilege: Yesterday, the Prime Minister recounted the story of how his youngest brother, Michel (who, tragically, was killed in a skiing accident almost 20 years ago), ran afoul of the law when he was caught smoking pot. Their dad, Pierre Trudeau, made a few phone calls to the right people, and, poof, the charge went up in smoke (so to speak), thus sparing the youngest Trudeau a criminal record and his family the embarrassment of it.

Justin was trying to make the point that the ordinary Joe Blow weed smoker who's charged with the same thing Michel was is unlikely to have the same sort of schlep, and, unlike his late bro, will be forced to face the consequences--and isn't that, like, soooo unfair?

Unfortunately, Justin not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, thought he'd come across as empathizing with the hoi polloi whose fathers aren't former prime ministers. Instead, he ended up underscoring how there are two sets of law in the land--one for those born with silver spoons in their mouths, like Justin and his brothers, and one for ordinary schlubs who lack the Patrician Trudeaus' influence and connections.

Seems to me Justin might have run that one by his communications experts before relaying it.

Obama Subverted His Own Justice Dep't, Kept Vital Info About Iranian Prisoners From Americans? I'm Shocked--SHOCKED!!!

Not really. In fact, this Politico bombshell is pretty much what I'd come to expect from the duplicitous POTUS (whose bizarre soft spot for the Ayatollah was much scarier than Trump's freaky--and apparently short-lived--man-crush on Putin):
But Obama, the senior official and other administration representatives weren’t telling the whole story on Jan. 17, 2016, in their highly choreographed rollout of the prisoner swap and simultaneous implementation of the six-party nuclear deal, according to a POLITICO investigation. 
In his Sunday morning address to the American people, Obama portrayed the seven men he freed as “civilians.” The senior official described them as businessmen convicted of or awaiting trial for mere “sanctions-related offenses, violations of the trade embargo.”
In reality, some of them were accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security. Three allegedly were part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.-made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration. Another was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. As part of the deal, U.S. officials even dropped their demand for $10 million that a jury said the aerospace engineer illegally received from Tehran. 
And in a series of unpublicized court filings, the Justice Department dropped charges and international arrest warrants against 14 other men, all of them fugitives. The administration didn’t disclose their names or what they were accused of doing, noting only in an unattributed, 152-word statement about the swap that the U.S. “also removed any Interpol red notices and dismissed any charges against 14 Iranians for whom it was assessed that extradition requests were unlikely to be successful.”   

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Usual Bunch of Hacks, Haters and Has-Beens Tries to Sabotage Radiohead Concert in Tel Aviv Via the Apartheid Canard

The following speaks for itself, I think:
In advance of a July 19 engagement to play at Park HaYarkon in Tel Aviv, Israel, dozens of musicians, writers, and other entertainment-industry professionals have signed a letter asking Radiohead to stay out of the country. Julie Christie, Eve Ensler, Thurston Moore, Roger Waters, and even the Archbishop Desmond Tutu all attached their names to a statement that reads in part: “Surely if making a stand against the politics of division, of discrimination and of hate means anything at all, it means standing against it everywhere — and that has to include what happens to Palestinians every day.” 
The new open letter likened the current boycott efforts in Israel to artists in the 1980s refusing to play in South Africa until the country ended state-sanctioned apartheid. “By playing in Israel you’ll be playing in a state where, UN rapporteurs say, ‘a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people.’” Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore even added his own statement to the end of the plea, telling the band that refusing to play its July engagement would be “a small sacrifice in respect to those who struggle in honourable opposition to state-sponsored fascism.” 
Moore and Waters inclusion in the open letter is no surprise, as both artists have a history of supporting Palestine. The former Sonic Youth singer previously joined the Artists for Palestine Pledge, which has more than 1,200 signatories who have agreed to accept neither funding nor “professional invitations” from any entity connected to the Israeli government. Waters, meanwhile, has been a vocal critic of Israel for years, and once wrote a letter to Bon Jovi saying that their insistence on playing in the country put them “shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby, with the bulldozer driver who crushed Rachel Corrie,” going on to list a handful of other very upsetting incidents.
Ah, yes, Rachel Corrie. The "Anne Frank" of the Palestinian cause.

Except for the fact that Anne Frank never burnt the American flag in a fit of hysteria as a gaggle of Jew-despising Palestinian moppets looked on.

Iqra the Eliminationist?

It shocks me not in the least that the MP who sponsored that anti-blasphemy anti-"Islamophobia" motion would be hobnobbing with, and accepting an award from, the eliminationists of Palestine House (h/t MW):
Liberal MP Iqra Khalid attended on Saturday, April 15, 2017 the annual Gala of the Palestine House marking the Land Day that symbolizes the Palestinian commitment to defend the land and to “liberate” Palestine. Fadlu Michael (فضلو ميخائيل), the chairperson of the Palestine House awarded MP Khalid a “thanks and appreciation” plaque (click HERE and HERE).
On January 18, 2016, MP Khalid met with senior members of the Canadian Palestinian community and board members of the Palestine House including its deputy chairperson Dr. Nazih Khatatba who serves also as the editor of Meshwar newspaper.
The Palestine House was de-funded in 2012 by the federal government for what then Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney referred to as a “pattern of support for extremism.”
Minister Kenney’s spokesperson told The News via e-mail (February 2012) that “Palestine House has in the last few years aligned itself with terrorist causes, including celebrating the release of terrorists and honouring the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), one of the groups that formed the Palestine Liberation Organization and in the 1960s and ’70s, was responsible for numerous armed attacks and aircraft hijackings.” In response Palestine House spokesperson Samir Jabbour said then that “Palestine House categorically denounces all forms of terrorism or extremism” and its “positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are in line with universal values of human rights… [and] “are very close to the positions of the government as stated on its website.”
How do we know that that's bollocks and that Palestine House is playing the eliminationist game? Its own logo--a map of Israel + the Palestinian Territories covered "from the river to the sea" in an Arafat kefiyah print--is proof of its bad intentions.

Update: Here's a photo of Iqra (wearing a Liberal red scarf) schmoozing with, and being honoured by, the eliminationists following her successful run for Parliament:

And here's how the event was reported in the Holocaust-denying rag Meshwar (translated from the Arabic; my bolds):
“Activists of the Palestinian community in Erin Mills, Mississauga [Ontario] held an event honouring MP Iqra Khalid, who won the federal elections because of the voters from Muslim and Arab descent. The purpose of the event was to strengthen the relationship between the members of the [Palestinian] community and the Liberal members of Parliament. 
“The event was attended by a large number of members of the Palestinian community who reside in this area and Arab journalists, in an effort to embolden and strengthen the standing of the [Palestinian] community in any future elections and to get involved in the political and social life of the Canadian multi-cultural society. 
“The speakers at the event agreed unanimously to see this move as strengthening by itself the standing and the role of the [Palestinian] community and urging the [Palestinian] community to take advantage of its vote in any future elections, local or federal, in order to improve and strengthen our standing in the country in which we live and to get out of the shell and the encirclement and to become a part of the Canadian national fabric in our efforts to bring a better future for us and the next generations.”
Iqra's ties to Palestine House show where her head and heart are really at, and should have torpedoed her "anti-Islamophobia" mishegas before it ever came to a vote. That those ties were never exposed and used against the motion is evidence that the opposition--me included--wasn't fully awake.
The pitch that got Iqra elected.

Nobody's Business But the Turks'?

Artie Erdogan's latest triumph inspires Mark Steyn to take another look at a favourite old-timey song: Istanbul (Not Constantinople).

The Ceeb Shills for Islam (Again)

In this portion of CBC radio show The 180, a Muslim PhD candidate at the University of Toronto "exposes" the "flaw" of our secular society (a society which frowns on, say, Islamic prayers in public schools).

The supposed "flaw"?

Why, the fact that our secularism is nothing more than Christianity in disguise, of course.

We'd be much better off--and far more "inclusive"--says this chap, were we to "celebrate" everyone's holidays, as they do in New York City and, er, Trinidad.

To recap: Christianity sucks; Islam deserves to be "celebrated"--in public and by the public. (And if you disagree, you're a Hatey McHaterson.)

Update: Here's a cautionary tale of what happens when secularism recedes and a puissant Islam swoops in to take its place--not "inclusiveness," not multiculti "celebration." Sharia, plain and simple and draconian to the core:
For the past several months, eyes across the world have been trained on the growing far-right movements sweeping Europe and America — from the neo-Nazi groups in Germany and the United States, to the increasing popularity of France’s National Front.

But another, far less noticed — but sometimes equally-radical movement — is also emerging across Europe: the rise of pro-Islam political parties, some with foreign support from the Muslim world. And the trend shows no sign of stopping.

Holland’s Denk (“Think”) party, established and led by two Turkish immigrants, is among the most significant. Denk won three seats in the Dutch parliament last month, becoming the country’s “fastest-growing” new party, according to the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad.
Its platform is to replace ideas of integration with “mutual acceptance” — a charming but antiquated idea in a culture where one group accepts gay marriage and the other is taught that homosexuals should be shoved off of tall buildings. It also proposes the establishment of a dedicated “anti-racism” police force...
Any questions?