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Yale Snowflakes Balk at Having to Take "Major English Poets" Course Because All the Poets Are "Cisgendered" White Males

These social justice-minded nincompoops students are really, really bummed that not a single member of any of today's trendy victim groups (trans, Black, Muslim, etc.) made it into the canon that includes Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth and other greats. And Slate scribbler Katy Waldman, for one, understands why the buttercups would find that so disturbing. At the same time, however, she advises 'em to suck it up, even if it conflicts with their overwrought finely-tuned sense of "fairness":
Here is what I am not saying. I am not saying that Yale shouldn’t offer a rich panoply of courses on women writers, queer writers, writers with disabilities, and writers of color. And they do! In addition to featuring names like Elizabeth Bishop and Ralph Ellison in its survey classes, the course catalog presents such titles as “Women Writers from the Restoration to Romanticism,” “Race and Gender in American Literature,” “American Artists and the African American Book,” “The Spectacle of Disability,” “Asian American Literature,” “Chaucer and Discourses of Dissent,” “Postcolonial World Literature: 1945-present,” “Black Literature and U.S. Liberalism”… and I’m not even counting the cross listings with the Comparative Literature, American Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies departments.  
Moreover, I am not arguing that it is acceptable for an English major to graduate from college having only read white male authors, or even 70 percent white male authors. But you cannot profess to be a student of English literature if you have not lingered in the slipstreams of certain foundational figures, who also happen to be (alas) both white and male: In addition to the Majors listed above, Jonson, Shelley, Keats, Pound, Auden, and Frost. This is frustrating, unfair, and 100 percent nonnegotiable. (But hey, try to have some fun reading Frost? You could do so much worse!)  
The canon of English literature is sexist. It is racist. It is colonialist, ableist, transphobic, and totally gross. You must read it anyway. 
Here's what I'm saying: the canon of English literature is glorious.


And that statement of fact requires no caveats or "trigger warnings" or apologies.

On the other hand, all the stuff that's studied in the context of "race" and "gender" and "postcolonialism": that's a bunch of crap.

Iran's Grandiose Ayatollah to Obama: Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!

Khamenei says US can't do a damn thing about Iran's missile program

"My First Hizb-Ut-Tahrir Conference"

A report from the trenches written by an observer who, for obvious reasons, prefers to remain anonymous.

This seems like an opportune moment to re-post my H-U-T poem:
When it comes to Hizb-Ut-Tahrir,
One thing is perfectly clear:
Their old time religion
Has made us their pigeon
And who's going to get plucked? We're.

TSA Head of Security Who Received Performance Bonuses Gets the Boot for 'Mismanagement'

File this one under "Nice Work If You Can Get It":
The Transportation Security Administration's head of security has been removed from his post amid an uproar over long lines at airport security checkpoints and intense scrutiny over bonuses payments. 
"Kelly Hoggan has been removed from his position as head of security at TSA, following our hearing on May 12 on mismanagement at TSA," the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform posted on its Twitter account. 
Some lawmakers blasted TSA at the hearing for giving Hoggan $90,000 in bonuses at a time when watchdog tests revealed screeners routinely failed to find weapons at checkpoints. The hearing was one in a series where whistleblowers denounced the agency for rewarding top officials with large bonuses while retaliating against workers who complained about the unfair practices...
Considering the 3-hour long security lineups that now face travelers at some airports, it should really be called the TIA--the Transportation Insanity Administration. And it's the head of the racket--and not this underling--who should be fired.

John, Paul, George and...El Shafee?

Fourth member of Jihadi John ISIS cell known as the 'Beatles' is a 'softly spoken' former fairground mechanic who was radicalised in weeks at mosques in London

And now, a Scaramouche exclusive--the ISIS "Beatles" sing one of their biggest hits:
It's been a hard day's jihad,
And we've been killin' up a storm.
It's been a hard day's jihad,
For us beheadings are the norm.
But when we say "do or die"
It's so we can crucify
And make you feel real scared.

It's been a hard day's jihad,
And we're the fiercest dudes around.
It's been a hard day's jihad,
And to jihad we're duty bound.
And one cannot overstate
How it's for our caliphate
The one that we have declared.

We're in Homs
And we're in Raqqa, too.
Our strongholds
Will hold until Assad's through, oo!

It's been a hard day's jihad,
And we've been killin' up a storm.
It's been a hard day's jihad,
For us beheadings are the norm.
But when we say "do or die"
It's so we can crucify
And make you feel real scared.

Al Quds Day Toronto's Sly and Clever Branding Uses "Icon" Mandela to Disguise Its Genocidal Aims

Well, after all, employing the saintly Nelson serves two purposes. First, it helps Febreze a stinky Khomeinist agit/prop effort whose ultimate goal is the eradication of the "cancer" of Israel. Second, alluding to South Africa is an aide–mémoire meant to remind all that Israel-is-an-apartheid-state/Zionism-is-racism/the Palestinians-are-Mandela's-heirs, etc.

Apparently, someone over in Iran made the executive decision that calling it, say, Final Solution Day, or even Shia Supremacism Day, would be far less likely to coax the usual useful infidel idiots, the ones who idolize Mandela, to flock to their toxic cause.

And BTW, there appears to be no objection at all this time to these hate mongers holding their Zionhass-a-palooza on the grounds of the Ontario government legislature--and on the Canada Day holiday weekend, yet!

Gee, I wonder how many of Justin Trudeau's newly-settled Syrian "refugees" will show up to swell the ranks of the Jew-hating throng?

Cover Photo

Update: Speaking of useful infidel idiots, please note that the Black Lives Matter hashtag is listed under the Mandela quotation.

Update: "The Zionist occupied great Al Aqsa mosque"? How can it be "Zionist occupied" when the entire Temple Mount area is under the authority of Muslims?

Friday, May 20, 2016

No More Posts Until Post-Vicky Day

Barring the unforeseen, I hope to be up and at 'em again come Tuesday.

In What Alternative Universe Is Bernie Sanders "Pro-Israel"?

In the Through the Looking Glass pages of the Washington Post, that's where.

And that's where you'll find this wackiness:
The only Jewish candidate in the 2016 presidential race, who calls himself "100 percent pro-Israel," and one of Israel's strongest U.S. defenders are nearing a fight over what being a pro-Israel Democrat means. 
Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont plans to push for revisions in the Democratic Party position about relations with Israel, with a focus on elevating Palestinian rights as a U.S. priority. People involved in discussions over potential changes to the Democratic Party's platform said Sanders would demand revisions in wording about U.S. relations with Israel and commitment to seeking peace between the U.S. ally and the Palestinians.
The proposed new language on Israel has not been submitted to the Democratic National Committee but is expected to seek what Sanders has elsewhere called a more even-handed U.S. approach to Israeli occupation of land Palestinians claim for a future state...
Wow, that's so "100 percent pro-Israel" that I bet the Ayatollah could get on board with it.

Justin a Chip Off the Old Cold-Blooded Block? Not So Much

When Justin Trudeau lost it in the House of Commons, he ran riot (an incident now known as--what else?--"elbowgate").

Too bad he didn't learn from his father's example. Back in the day, when pere Pierre was provoked, he responded with far more sang froid and savoir faire.

Here, I've captured it all in verse:
Trudeau's Libs are in quite a muddle.
See them now as they spin and huddle.
For when Justin got mad
He forgot how his dad
Dressed 'em down with a deft "fuddle duddle."

Decades in the Making, Multi-Million Dollar "Palestine" Museum Finally Opens in Bethlehem--But There's Nothing In It

You'll forgive me if I see something of a metaphor here--mega-bucks poured into an empty shell of a cause.

Since the walls of the edifice remain bare, here are few suggested exhibits:

1. Those keys, the ones they hope to employ once they "return" to homes hastily vacated in '48; the ones they have turned into objects of veneration.

2. Semtex vests--crude implements of jihadi terrorism, yes, but also a fashion statement and an example of Palestinian "ingenuity"/"industry". (If Israel is a "start up nation," "Palestine" is a blow up one.)

3. The "artwork" of Ahmad Al Abib, whose brightly coloured and poorly rendered agit-prop mural continues to make a statement at the York University student centre.
A mural that hangs at York University called Palestinian Roots by Ahmad Al Abid

4. Farfour Mouse--what Disney's Mickey or Henson's Elmo might have been had they grown up in a place where pathological Jew-hate was in mama's milk (and imams' sermons).

5. The UNRWA room. What would "Palestine" be without the UN agency that's bound and determined to maintain 'em in a permanent state of misery and victimhood?

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