Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Foggy Bottom Breakdown

The disaster that is John Kerry's State Department.

Obama's On-Message Message: It's Messy Out There, But Not THAT Messy

Frank Bruni writes (in the NYT, of all places):
Speaking at a fund-raiser on Friday, he told donors, “If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart.” He had that much right. 
But it wasn’t the whole of his message. In a statement of the obvious, he also said, “The world has always been messy.” And he coupled that with a needless comparison,  advising Americans to bear in mind that the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the rapacity of Putin, the bedlam in Libya and the rest of it were “not something that is comparable to the challenges we faced during the Cold War.” 
Set aside the question of how germane the example of the Cold War is. When the gut-twisting image stuck in your head is of a masked madman holding a crude knife to the neck of an American on his knees in the desert, when you’re reading about crucifixions in the 21st century, when you’re hearing about women sold by jihadists as sex slaves, and when British leaders have just raised the threat level in their country to “severe,” the last thing that you want to be told is that it’s par for the historical course, all a matter of perspective and not so cosmically dire. 
Where’s the reassurance — or the sense of urgency — in that?...
There isn't any. But then, what do you expect from a POTUS who is given to such vapid utterances as "Don't do stupid shit" and "The world has always been messy"? (It is a messy world--and you wouldn't believe the bloody mess left behind when a masked madman deploys a crude knife to decapitate a kafir.)

To paraphrase Hannah Arendt, Obama's words epitomize "the banality of drivel."

When You Consider That the UN Is Bastion of Deranged Zionhass, This Is Most Ironic

UN peacekeepers flee Syria and find safe haven in Israel.

The Latest Weapon in Hamas's Arsenal Is/Was...The Paraglider?

Yup. ("Ingenuity" in Gazastan: "homemade" rockets and weaponized paragliders. Ingenuity in Israel: don't get me started.)

When It Comes to Islam, "Dr." Caliph Knows Best

"ISIS speaks for no religion, " Barack Obama has assured us, confidently and unequivocally. But who are you going to believe on the subject--a man who's been marinated in the leftist cant and political correctness of the Harvard faculty lounge, or a self-proclaimed caliph with a PhD in Islamic Studies?

He's got a doctorate in "beheadings."

Did Israel Just "Grab" a Whole Bunch of Palestinian Land and Therefore Threaten the Chance of Reaching a Peace-In-Our-Time Deal With the PA?

Not really. In fact, not at all.

What a Falking Cry Baby!

Former UN "human rights" ratporteur Dickie Falk is complaining that Hillel Neuer's "UN Watch" NGO has impeded his academic career. To which Neuer responds:
Richard Falk, the infamous 9/11 Truther and author of the New York Times 1979 classic op-ed “Trusting Khomeini,” has not received a moment of our attention since his 6-year term as the UNHRC’s special investigator of “Israel’s violations of the bases and principles of international law” expired, at long last, in June of this year.
Yet the former committee member of Human Rights Watch, expelled by Ken Roth 24 hours after we protested his role at the global NGO, continues to evince a profound bitterness to UN Watch, the only human rights group at the United Nations that dared to expose his toxic mix of pro-Hamas appeasement, anti-Western invective, support for 9/11 conspiracy theorists and demonization of Israel.
Our allies in condemning Falk’s poison included UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the U.S., the UK, Canada — and the Palestinian Authority, which famously tried to fire him. For a glimpse into Falk’s numerous statements supporting terrorism against America, the West and Israel, click here.
While we stopped watching him after he left the UN, it seems the man is bitter...
Quelle dommage (that's French for "tough toenails"--more or less). At least the Dickster can still count on the Missus to bring home the bacon (so to speak).

Don't cry, Dickie. Hamas still wuvs you.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pedophilia in Peshawar


Iran Negotiations are Bearing Fruit--for Iran

Thanks for the rotten apples, Barack.

Dubai Produces World's First Halal Wine

Just think of it as grape juice--with pretensions:
CAIRO – Responding to demands of the Gulf Emirate luxurious residents, a Dubai company has announced the launch of the world’s first ever “halal” fizzing wine that includes a “24-carat edible gold leaf” with zero alcohol.
Lussory Gold is “an alcohol-removed halal sparkling wine” – and that the gold leaf “rises and falls in rhythm with the wine’s bubbles,” Lootah Premium Foods was quoted by Emirates 24/7 newspaper.
The wine, from the vineyards of La Mancha, Spain, is “made in the exact same way as regular wine or champagne,” the food and drink firm said.
“Lussory is a 100 per cent halal product with 0.0 per cent alcohol content.”
Islam takes an uncompromising stand in prohibiting intoxicants. It forbids Muslims from drinking or even selling alcohol...
The world would be far better off if Islam permitted believers a glass or two of Shiraz now and then. It might go a long way to obviating a far more dangerous intoxicant: fanatical, supremacist religious teachings.

Thousands Turn Out for Rally Against Anti-Semitism in London

Nice to see signs that the U.K. isn't going down without a fight:
More than 4,500 protesters filled the street outside the Royal Courts of Justice to hear speakers including the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.
The crowd cheered Rabbi Mirvis, and passing taxis displayed Israeli flags in support as he took to the podium. 
Marking the last day of his first year in office, he told the gathering: “"I would never have believed a year ago I would be standing here expressing my deep concern about the rise of antisemtism in the UK. 
"“We are right to be concerned. We see it, we hear it, and we feel it. It is there. 
“"Last week I went to Israel and I stood at the graves of the three teenagers who were brutally murdered. 
“"Little did we realise when they were killed the great suffering, turmoil and pain that would follow. 
“"Little did we realise then that antisemitism would reach high levels around the world.”" 
He warned: “"We know from our history that antisemitism can be translated into tragic consequences, not just for Jewish people but for all of society."
If only he had stopped there. Alas, he could not, and for reasons of "balance" and political correctness felt the need to at least pay lip service to a fatuous concept:
He also called for an end to Islamophobia, and persecution of all minorities.
I would have been more impressed if he'd had the berries to call for an end to the jihad, the one that targets Jews in particular and kafirs in general.

Update: Why ‘Islamophobia’ in Europe cannot be equated with anti-Semitism, either in nature or degree