Sunday, November 29, 2015

Study--Dogs Ease Anxiety in Children

To which I'd add: in grown ups too, I think (except, that is, when they're pulling off such doggy shenanigans as, say, shredding an entire newspaper into confetti-sized bits and/or swiping whatever food you happen to have left on the kitchen counter, anxiety-inducing things my pooch has been known to do).

Ban Ki-Moon's Ingenious (Or Is It Disingenuous?) Paris Stratagem

When the savagery of ISIS and its fellow caliphatists is running amuck, what's the best way to persuade the world that climate change is the most pressing problem du jour?
Isn't it obvious?
You make the counter-intuitive not to mention gobsmacking claim that terrorism is caused by climate change.
Not by the jihad imperative embedded in Islam's core religious teachings.
Not by the desire--call it Totalitarianism 2.0--to want to create a global caliphate to lord it over the planet.
By environmental changes about which we likely can do next to nothing, even though, in our errant arrogance, we think we can do plenty.
Who does Ban Ki-Moon think he is, anyway?

Bernie "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Sanders?

Update: While terrorism has nothing to do with climate change, clamping down on climate change protesters has a lot to do with recent terrorism.

Syrian "Refugees": A La Esau, Will They Be Kissers or Biters?

Yesterday's sermon in synagogue had to do with Jacob and Esau; how, years after having his birthright stolen, Esau wanted to see his brother again. Jacob, however, was extremely reluctant, fearing that such an encounter would result in a death--his, at the hands of his vengeful brother. Finally, however, the meeting could not be put off any longer, and the two brothers had their reunion Shockingly, Esau greeted Jacob with tears and a kiss. 
Or did he? You see, in the Torah scroll, for some mysterious reason, there are several dots above Esau's name in the line recounting the reunion. For some rabbis for whom Esau is and remains pure evil, those aren't dots, they're teeth, and they represent the fact that that alleged kiss was actually a bite (with the dots standing in for/representing Esau's teeth).
We were assured, though, that that's a rather extreme interpretation, and that the lesson the Torah wishes to impart is that we should get over our fears and let the blighters kiss us. And by blighters (my word, not the sermonizer's), of course, he means Syrians, who are even now streaming to our shores, fully vetted by the UN and other deft scrutinizers, we are told.

Mark Steyn has a witty riposte for that claim:
When the US government says they'll do a two-year vetting process of Mohammed bin Mohammed al-Mohammed, it just means his application sits gathering dust for two years -- and then when it's his Mohammed bin Mohammed al-Mohammed's turn to get in, they just stamp it. There's no way to vet these Syrian refugees. It's not like you can check the Aleppo DMV or anything.
Oh, come now, Mark. It would be churlish, "Islamophobic," and, yes, unwelcoming of us (as Jacob was unwelcoming of Esau, who didn't bite him) to bar them entry.

Don't believe me? Let's hear what a Jewish leader over in Europe has to say:
Oskar Deutsch, head of Vienna’s Jewish community, told reporters on Monday that he is concerned that the overwhelming rush of asylum seekers into Austria would result in a rise in anti-Semitism, European media reported. Deutsch argued that many of the Muslim migrants have been raised on a “diet of anti-Semitism.” He also believes Austria has already “more or less” reached its capacity for new arrivals. 
Deutsch also believes that some asylum seekers in Austria are only “so-called refugees,” meaning they are not fleeing war and persecution but are merely looking to improve their economic situation. 
Meanwhile, the Central Council of Jews in Germany has also warned of growing anti-Semitism, brought in by migrants from Islamic countries where the Jewish religion and Jews are maligned regularly. They called for a limit to be imposed on migrants entering Germany. Council president Josef Schuster told Die Welt: “Sooner or later we won’t have a choice but to set an upper limit.” He added, “Many of the refugees are fleeing the terror of the Islamic State and want to live in peace and freedom, but at the same time they come from cultures were hatred of Jews and intolerance are an integral part” of life.
I understand the impulse to want to swoop in and rescue the suffering; I really do. However, I'm not given to the sort of moral preening which refuses to consider the Jew-hate we shall be importing (in the name of "tikkun olam" and because of "None is too many"), and how it is likely to bite, not kiss, us where it hurts the most.

That's a lesson that the Jews of Europe, and in particular of France, know all too well, and it's the reason why more and more of them are leaving the continent and making their way to Israel (where, in recent days, Arabs have been "kissing" Jews by stabbing them with daggers).

Update: Ezra's sermon makes more sense to me:

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hollywood Hero

A new movie about Dalton Trumbo
Reveals that the man was no dumbo.
And there's no caterwaulin'
Re how he loved Stalin,
Just the same old hard left mumbo-jumbo.

Obama Compares Syrian Refugees With--Wait for It--The Plymouth Rock Pilgrims

The only way to explain the ridiculous comparison: either there was way too much tryptophan in yesterday's White House Thanksgiving turkey, or else he's availing himself of some unnamed psychotropic drug.

Former London Mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone: Still Usefully Idiotic After All These Years

He says the London transit 7/7 jihadis "gave their lives" to "protest" the infidels' invasion of Iraq.

Assad Is an Abominable Butcher But At Least He's Fighting ISIS, Right?

Wrong. According to this WSJ article, he isn't fighting ISIS as much as he is helping to keep it flush by buying its oil.

"Instead of Bombing Raqqah, France Should be Bombing Molenbeek"

That's how bad it is there, especially with the town's Jew-hating mayor, a nasty piece of work, indeed.

Pope Thinks "Education and Jobs" Can Counter the Siren Call of Jihad/the Caliphate

How clueless. Or, in the words of that great sage/social philosopher Cher Horowitz: As if!

White Male Privilege On Display at Toronto Zoo

So cute.