Friday, January 7, 2011

The Canadian 'Human Rights' Mausoleum Clears Up Some, Er, Misconceptions

There must be something really wrong with me because some of this stuff actually made me cackle:
Misconception: There will be only 2 galleries in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), one on the Holocaust and the other on Aboriginal peoples.

Fact: There are 12 permanent zones (galleries) in the Museum. The CMHR is committed to providing visitors with an educational and inspiring journey, exposing people to lesser-known human rights stories told by the people who experienced them, Canadian human rights history, champions of human rights around the world, and ongoing struggles for human rights. The CMHR will challenge visitors to stand up for human rights and provide them with some tools to take action for human rights in their community and around the world.

Find below a list of all 12 permanent zones (working titles):

• Buhler Hall – Welcome Zone

• Introduction to Human Rights

• Indigenous Rights

• Canada’s Human Rights Culture

• The Canadian Challenge

• The Holocaust

• The Human Rights Revolution – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

• Mass Atrocity

• Human Rights Forum

• Human Rights Today

• Eye on the World (Documentary photography)

• Hall of Commitment

Misconception: The CMHR will not include a permanent display on the Holodomor.

Fact: The Holodomor will be displayed permanently in the ‘Mass Atrocity’ zone, immediately adjacent to the Holocaust zone. This zone will feature detailed information on the Holodomor and many other mass atrocities that have taken place worldwide, and will provide educational opportunities for visitors to learn more about these events...
The 'Welcome Zone' is named for Ferris Buhler? Cool! And I can't wait to visit the 'Mass Atrocity' zone. Sounds like a Disneyland for sadists (also masochists). And the 'Hall of Committment'--that's where you get to put on strait jackets and pretend you're crazy, right?

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