Wednesday, July 13, 2011

They Hate Him. They Really, Really Hate Him

Despite all the frantic outreach and the embarrassing obsequiousness; despite his desire to turn NASA into a group therapy project for under-achieving Muslims; despite his papa having been a Muslim who gave him two--count 'em, two--Muslim names (one of which is the name of the founder of Islam's flying horsey); despite his determination to move ahead with "peace talks" by turning back the clock to 1966; despite all that--and much more--Barack Hussein Obama is now less popular among Muslims than Chimpy McBushitlerhaliburton ever was.

There's a certain poetic justice there, methinks.


Consilium - Aarluk - Stonecircle said...

Tell me, S: what would your reaction have been had Obama's popularity in Arab world been high?

scaramouche said...

My "reaction"? I would have said the sucking up worked like a charm.