Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bill Cosby--Who Ought to Know Better--Makes Excuses for "Poor, Suffering, Sisyphian" Obama

From the L.A. Times:
WASHINGTON -- Entertainer Bill Cosby defended President Obama on Sunday, saying that his critics do not acknowledge the obstacles he has faced in office.

“I'm disappointed at people who don't look at the woes and the trouble given to this man,” Cosby told CNN’s Candy Crowley, referring to allies on the left who have complained about the administration. “People blatantly speaking out against his color, wasting time, starting up new stories about whether or not he was born here, saying things that they can't prove.”

The actor and comedian said he feels sometimes that opponents want to make Obama’s job like “the one that Sisyphus had.”

"When you see that he made promises and said things and the people who were supposed to be working with him didn't. The people who were supposed to be working, even for another party, didn't care about the American people," he said. "They wanted to get him."...
Are you freaking kidding me, Bill? With the mainstream media in his pocket, he's had the easiest ride of any president ever. As for the idea that he's, for heaven's sake, a Sisyphus--all I can is that not only is that an insult to Sisyphus, but that, given his experience with relentless suffering, Sisyphus probably had better credentials for the job than Obama (who, after all, was wafted e'er upward with very little effort, largely on the basis of his good looks and glib tongue).

Obama "Sisyphian"? Only if you replace the boulder with a pebble


Carlos Perera said...

Agreed, he _ought_ to know better. Martin Heidegger, Wernher von Braun, Werner Heisenberg, Albert Speer, . . . heck, even Josef Göbbels--super-smart guys all, educated to the hilt, should have known better, . . . but tribalism trumps smarts nearly every time. Once the tom-toms start beating the tribal assembly, the response is, for the majority of human beings, whether their IQ is two standard deviations below or above the mean, driven by the limbic system, not the prefrontal lobe. That is (one reason) why the proper acculturation of the young is so important to a society: without it, people are easy prey to their base social instincts.

scaramouche said...

My sense is Cosby is trying to atone to the Black community for stuff like this:

Jim R said...

It's so much easier to use President Obama's color, racism, as the reason for harsh resistance/criticism than face the reality of his leftist policies.

It's also much easier to attribute police treatment(suspicion/profiling) of Blacks as racism. No, it's common sense policing since Black youth are the majority source of crime.

If Al and Jesse would spend just half as much of their time dealing with the total breakdown in Black families and a culture that promotes gangsterism, instead of making up racism out of tragedies like the Trayvon/Simmerman case, they could save a thousand Trayvon's a year.

I'm not saying Trayvon was guilty of anything. But one thing is for sure, he became highly suspicious because of his color, age, and dress, and just another victim tied right back and directly to horrible Black crime statistics tied right back and directly to the total breakdown of Black families and culture.