Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rudy G. Blows Away Obama's Military Lapdog Re Benghazi

On Piers Morgan last night, former NYC mayor Rudy G. and General Wesley Clark went mano a mano on the subject of Libya. The former bested the latter, an apologist for and abettor of Barackian fecklessness, with this parting salvo:
None of that, General, answers the question: did the President of the United States know about the two prior attacks on that consulate – one that drilled a hole in the wall of twelve feet wide? And, if he didn’t know about it, why didn’t he know about it? And if he did know about it, why wasn’t our ambassador given more security? The president was trying to paint a picture in Libya of success. We weren’t having success in Libya and he fell asleep at the switch. For months, not just that day. But for months before there were warnings, the British pulled out, the Red Cross pulled out, there were numerous attacks and the President of the United States did not increase security, there are even some reports that he reduced security. And the president hasn’t answered that question, and it’s intolerable that we’ll have this election, and the president will get away with not answering, “did he know about the prior attacks?”
"Intolerable"--yes. But also outrageous, absurd and disgusting. (Let's have a round of saliva-laden raspberries for the Clarks and the corrupt media types who have done their utmost to spike the story.)

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