Monday, March 4, 2013

Canada's Schizophrenic Attitude Toward Sharia and Those Who Uphold It

On the one hand, Jason Kenney kisses up to known Khomeinists. On the other hand, well, this:
After Sudan government amputated a man's hand and foot as a punishment for robbery last month, Canadian federal government has condemned the deteriorating human rights situation in Sudan
Sudan February 14 amputated Adam AL Muthna's left foot and right hand for attacking and robbing a truck carrying passengers. 
"Sudan, a country with a terrible human rights record, has sunk to new depths of cruelty, having carried out amputations on a man convicted of a criminal offence," said Join Baird, foreign minister of Canada. 
"Canada considers such sentences, a barbaric expression of Sharia law, as cruel and inhumane punishments that are completely at odds with international norms," Baird added in a press release.      
Saying Sudan in recent months has forcefully shut down a number of civil-society organizations, the Canadian foreign minister called upon the Khartoum government to respect the international norms including civil and political rights. 
"Sudan has recently forced the closure of several civil-society organizations, continues to detain political opposition figures, and is targeting Sudan's Christian communities in particular," said Baird "We call on those in power in Khartoum to respect the rights of Sudan's people, to cease its intimidation of civil society and political opponents, and to end indiscriminate bombardments of civilians."
Conclusion: it's far easier, though still admirable, to criticize foreign practitioners of sharia (who, after all, don't vote here in Canada) than to do so to domestic twelvers (who, after all, are but a particularly vibrant square in our gloriously "diverse" national quilt).

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