Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Former Liberal P.M.'s Cretinous Comments Re Dead Thug

[Current P.M. Stephen] Harper’s cool statement stood in contrast with the memories of former prime minister Jean Chretien, who remembered Chavez as “colourful” and “unusual.” 
“On a personal basis, I had very good relation with him,” Chretien told CBC’s Power and Politics Tuesday night. “He did his best, even if we did not agree at all times on many issues.” 
Unlike Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Chavez favoured democracy and elections, Chretien said, even if the results were always not without question.  
Always Chavez tried to have normal elections. Some people would say it was not completely normal but it was much better than other countries that were officially communist,” Chretien said. 
The outspoken Venezuelan leader “was not a great admirer of the Americans and he was not shy to discuss that,” Chretien said.  
But he had a good relation with Canada and “always felt that Canada was a good country.” 
Chretien said the long-time leader had influence through the region and his death raises a question about who might fill that role in his absence.
Hey, Jean, how's your Spanish?

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