Monday, March 4, 2013

No Pain No Gain as Mommy Porn "Fifty Shades" Trilogy Inspires a Boom in Riding Crops

I'm not into pain myself, but I do enjoy a good laugh, which is what this article in the Toronto Star gave me:
Anna Giaouris, co-owner of the Northbound Leather sex emporium on Yonge St. near Wellesley, reports that riding crops at her store cost as much as $65, which may seem expensive until you consider what they are made of.
“They’re all leather,” says Giaouris.
Her store also stocks a far greater variety of sadomasochistic paraphernalia than does your average equestrian-supplies outlet. “We carry floggers, whips, paddles, riding crops, bondage gear. People are just astounded by the items we have here. You can’t have vanilla all the time.”
No, sometimes you need--what?--some ketchup?

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