Saturday, March 2, 2013

The UN's Alliance of Civilizations = the eHarmony for the New Caliphate and Its Useful Dhimmi Idiots

Like the UN's "Human Rights" Council, the Alliance of Civilizations is yet another UN racket that sounds like it should/could/would be doing great good on behalf of mankind as a whole, but which actually serves the interests of a very specific demographic. Under its auspices this week, Turkey's Erdogan voiced his conclusions re Zionism. Oh, not that it's "racist"; that's sooo 1970s. Erdogan claims that Zionism, the philosophy underpinning the Jews' sovereignty over their ancient ancestral land, is "a crime against humanity." And didn't the assembled not only not boo this absurd and heinous statement and hustle the talky Turk out the door, they greeted it with heartfelt applause.

So what, when it takes off its high heels and Spanx, is the AOC? The answer is encapsulated in my headline, extrapolated from this report by ever-informative UN expert Claudia Rosett:
In 1991, under pressure from the U.S., the U.N. finally repealed [the "Zionist-is-racism"] resolution. Now, the noble-sounding Alliance of Civilizations, serviced, sheltered, and praised by the U.N., is providing a platform for similar bigotry. 
So, what exactly is this U.N. Alliance of Civilizations? 
Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, with a lineage that tracks back to the government of Iran, the Alliance can best be understood as a glorified slush fund, run chiefly by a number of Muslim-majority countries — Turkey and Qatar in particular — busy leveraging the U.N. label. Officially, the Alliance advertises itself as promoting global “respect and tolerance.” In practice, it functions more as a matchmaking service between the left wing of Western politics and the anti-Western actors and agenda of a dominant lobbying bloc in the U.N. General Assembly, the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)...
"Matchmaker, matchmaker, kill me a Jooo, do it for me, and Allah, too..."

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