Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Was It George Orwell Said--Only an Intellectual Could Come Up With Something So Dumb?

Opines smart dude Yossi Klein Halevi:
"Rav Menachem Froman taught me that, in order to make peace with the Muslim world, one needs not only to honor Islam but to love it."
With all due respect to the Rav, he is dead wrong--and so is Halevi. History has shown that the only way to "make peace" with the Muslim world is to submit to Islam. Halevi's is a formula for dhimmitude, not for any sort of peace a lover of freedom could abide.

Update: What's not to love, eh?
Historically, Muslim hatred toward the Jews is rooted in the latter’s refusal to accept Islam and its preeminence over all other religions, as expressed in the shahada, the credo of the faithful: “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”; Muhammad is the last of the prophets and ushers in an era in which Islam will rule the world through peaceful means – or through war.

Islam claims for its own both the Old and New testaments, and Muhammad was incensed that the Jews, who had introduced monotheism to the world, did not recognize him and accept his teachings. One can find in the Koran far more attacks against Jews than against Christians, who did not acknowledge Islam either. There are numerous verses vilifying the Jews, calling for their abasement and humiliation and, for instance, branding them as sons of pigs and apes, having to bear the wrath of Allah and being doomed to hell on Judgment Day unless they accept the true faith.

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